The band can't survive without the valuable time and effort contributed by our wonderful parent volunteers. 


We know that not everyone is available for everything and you have certain areas you are more comfortable in helping with than others.  

Please give some thought to how you can help and consider all the options below.  

The needs are many, but the more participation we have, the less will be required from each of us. 


Each band family is required to make a commitment to support the band through volunteering.

Our new volunteer point system is designed to increase parent involvement, promote fairness and spread volunteer duties throughout the band program. Each volunteer opportunity has points attributed to the task. The points are calculated based on time, effort, and experience required for the task.

  • Marching Band Point Requirement = 20 (at least 2 by student), Payout in lieu of volunteering = $100

  • Winter groups (indoor percussion, winter guard) = 10, Payout in lieu of volunteering = $50

Families have until the end of the third month of the season to earn their points, after which the balance of incomplete points will be charged against their account.



Examples of Volunteer Roles

For full details, visit the link above.

Football Concessions

Assist with food prep, selling food, taking payments, clean up for Visitor Side concessions. This is an essential fundraiser for the band, so we need your help!

Uniforms check in/out

Distribute uniforms before performances and/or collect them after performances, checking the condition upon return.


At both football games and competitions, adults are needed to escort students, assist with water distribution, and be available for other needs.

Prop Crew

Ensure that all props get on the field in proper position and are removed quickly after the performance. Keep them in good condition through the season.


Provide food for the band at competitions and certain special occasions.

Road Crew

Assist with loading and unloading trucks and trailers and serve as drivers for rental truck or pull trailers.

Uniform fitting

Assist with finding the right uniform bibbers for band members and marking adjustments needed. Those with skills also needed to help with alterations.

Band Camp

We need people who are available during the day to help monitor students, ensure water and gatorade supplies are available, set up and tear down, and provide general assistance.


Additional help is needed to manage the major fundraisers for the band, including the fruit sale.

WHHS Band Boosters is always happy to receive your donation!

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