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Frequently asked BAND questions

Refer to your Wade Hampton High School Band Handbook (pdf) for even more answers.

I use Gmail and I'm not getting the emails.  Where are they?

Gmail sometimes puts our emails into the "Promotions" or "Updates" inbox instead of the "Primary" one you probably look in.  This can be fixed, although you may need to go to a computer (not phone) to do it.  If you look down the left side, you should see "All Mail."  Click that then find an email from "" (you can scroll or search).  Right click that message in the list, then roll over "Move to tab" and select "Primary" which will put it back in your main inbox.  At the top, a yellow box will appear that says "Do this for all messages from YES". Click Yes and that *should* fix it so you see our emails.

Still can't find them, email us at so we can make sure your address is correct in our mailing list.

What is the etiquette for football games?


At home football games, many band families sit in the section next to the Band on the far end of the home side. The schedule for performances varies (refer to the weekly schedule emails) and may be during half-time or at the end of the game. Band families should lead by example in showing their appreciation for both our band and the opposing school band to show respect for their hard work and dedication.

Band members are required to stay through the entire football game. Following the game, all band members are expected to assist in transporting instruments props and equipment back to the band room. If you are providing the ride home, please allow time for this and to check in uniforms. 

Can we chat with our student in the stands during football games?


We respectfully ask that you refrain from talking to the Band during the football games, as it can causes the band members to lose focus. Band members already know this rule, and we ask you to honor it as well. 

What is the etiquette for attending band contests or performances?


We ask that you silence your cell phones or other devices. Please enter and exit the stadium only during the applause breaks. Generally, we try to make sure one of our band families has our big Wade Hampton flag in the stands, and we encourage band families watching the performance to “look for the flag” so they can sit together and make some noise (at the appropriate time, of course).

What is a “shout-out” and how do I give one?


At many contests and exhibitions, a tent or table will be set up for Shout-outs.  For a small donation, you can complete a short message for the band or for a particular student that will be read by the announcers as the band is taking the field.  It is a great opportunity to give them a virtual hug just before they perform, and we encourage anyone and everyone to shout-out to the band.

Do we need to pay to get into the football games and contests?


Yes. Unless you are officially signed up as a volunteer for the event, adults should expect to pay regular admission for home games and contests. Prices vary and student prices are sometimes less (with ID). 

What do I need to know about my student’s uniform?


The uniforms are kept at WHHS at all times (unless being washed or repaired by parent volunteers). Your band student is responsible for properly hanging the uniform after each performance. Parent volunteers are on-hand after each game and contest to assist the students with hanging and storing the uniforms.

Your student is responsible for arriving in a black t-shirt, long black socks and (preferably) thin, athletic-style black shorts to wear under the bibbers.  These items should be cleaned after each performance. They are also responsible for maintaining and cleaning their gloves as appropriate.

How does my student get to and from shows?


To perform in the marching band events, the band member must travel with the band to the event. The students should also return with the band. Marching band members turn in their uniforms at the band room upon arrival at WHHS. After events, the staff reviews the performance with the band members and may have additional information for students. If the rare situation arises where a student cannot return with the band, you must discuss this with Mr. Ritchie in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

I took some cool pictures at a WHHS band event. Can you post them?


Sure. We love to have more images of the band. Please send an email to and we'll arrange it. 

Who can join the WHHS Band Boosters? Do you have to have a student in Marching Band?


Nope. We encourage parents or families of all band members (not just marching band) to join. Membership is encouraged but not required.

When are the Band Booster meetings?


The calendar on this site is most up-to-date information, but generally we try to have them at the beginning of the month in the Bandroom.

Where can I find the minutes from the Band Booster Meetings?


A directory of Booster meeting notes can be found on the Booster page

Why should I follow you on Facebook?


Facebook is a quick way to get updates, and we use it to post pictures and videos of most of the band’s events. You are always welcomed to share the posts and pictures with friends and family – a great way to keep everyone updated on your student’s band life.

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