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Board Meeting Minutes - September 2, 2019


1. Competition

2. Parent Meetings

3. Band Pictures

….. opened the meeting at 5 :45 pm

Topic 1:

Prepping for the Mauldin Exhibition we will need drivers and volunteers for that. Making parents aware that this is a good way to start accruing points for their families. We also need drivers, doesn’t have to be the same driver for every competition. Make sure that we have enough water bottles on hand for the students and parent volunteers. Students will have a snack before they leave to go to Mauldin. We will provide fruits, and water for students. They will need to have money and eat on their own.

Topic 2:

Parent meetings will start in October they are already on the calendars and parents will get the meetings in their weekly emails that Jennifur sends out. We will also hold a quick meeting before the parent meetings to go over the talking points with Shannnon. Meetings will try to wrap up quickly.

Topic 3:

Band Pictures are coming up. The board will buy 2 banners, one for the seniors and one with all of the band together. Pictures will be taken by D&B photography. Packages can be purchased ahead of time on their website. Or they can be paid for at the time of the pictures. Every marching band student will need to take one even if they aren’t buying pictures.

Next Steps:

  1. Rhonda getting gift cards from Texas Roadhouse. She needs a date Jan-March

  2. Shannon needs an email to make sure that Tracey and Katherine are during the dance and fruit.

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