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Board Meeting Minutes - July 22, 2019


1. Band Camp

2. Drop off procedures

3. Band Dinners

….. opened the meeting at 5 :45 pm

Topic 1:

Getting prepared for the upcoming season. Making sure that everyone knows their responsibilities. Two parents should be available for every shift. Points are being accrued for volunteer points to be taken off at the end of the season. All student’s info needs to be updated. Drop off procedures have changed from the fire lane to the bus lane behind the school. Leadership team will be out there every morning making sure parents follow the path.

Topic 2:

Riley wants only healthy dinners for the students. Shannon and Tracey Hendrix will get together to go over the menu for each day. Parents can pay each day or online for the two weeks. All food will be home made. Shannon will shop at Sams club for all of the food.

Next Steps:

  1. Rhonda getting gift cards from Texas Roadhouse. She needs a date Jan-March

  2. Shannon needs an email to make sure that Tracey and Katherine are during the dance and fruit.

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