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Board Meeting Minutes - January 28, 2019

Agenda 1. Treasurers Report 2. Indoor and Winter Guard Report 3. Fundraising 4. Looking Ahead 5. Recruitment for 2019/20 6. Band Fees and Volunteer Requirements for 2019/20 7. Discuss next steps

Shannon opened the meeting at 6:30 pm

Topic 1: Treasurers Report As of 1/28, $21,676 in the bank. Indoor fees have been allocated to staff expenses. 49% of indoor students have paid fees. 7% of winter guard have paid; however, there may be some confusion about winter guard fees that needs to be addressed. Indoor and Winter Guard are selling chocolate and their sales will go to off set their individual fees. If an individual child has met their fee requirements and continues to sell chocolate, those funds will go toward the remaining fees for the group as a whole. If all fees are met, any remaining funds will go into the booster club general account.

Concessions during football season generated just over $5,000 profit. Slightly down from last season. Fundraising has generated approximately $5,700 so far this year. This is less than was expected.

Topic 2: Indoor and Winter Guard We need a better understanding of the competition day schedules to better coordinate volunteer and equipment needs. Rental truck budget is not going to be enough if we really need trucks for two days for each competition. Shannon will get with Mr. Pace to discuss. Robyn is going to look into using a truck and/or trailer from Mauldin High School. We are adjusting the volunteer needs for indoor competitions now that we have a better understanding of the needs for competition. Prop crew will be removed from signup and truck drivers will be asked to help with equipment as needed. Because we are only taking 1 bus to competitions, volunteers will be required to provide their own transportation or carpool to the events. The Band Boosters will no longer be able to pay for armbands to allow volunteers free entrance to competitions. Robyn is going to confirm that all volunteers have level 1 or higher clearance and will communicate these changes to the volunteers.

Topic 3: Fund Raising Fruit: Tammy will ask Kathryn for a summary from the fruit sales. Everyone was pleased with the quality of the fruit; however, we were disappointed with the quality of the cheesecakes. Company did honor the profits from the cheesecakes that were not received and refund the money for those purchases.

Willy Taco: March 25, from 5-9 pm. $12 per ticket, $10 profit per ticket. We will also hold a 50/50 raffle the night of, Shannon will coordinate. Each student will be asked to sell 5 tickets. We need to sell a minimum of 250. We will need 10 student volunteers for each shift and a couple of parents to work the door. There is no age limit for volunteering. Robyn will set up the volunteer sign up with 1 hour shifts and will include details in the Feb 4 newsletter to families. Robyn will coordinate online advertising and will create a sign out sheet for students to sign when taking tickets. Students must return tickets or pay $12 for each. Robin will go to the school to distribute tickets during all 3 band classes and will coordinate this with Mr. Pace. Plan to distribute to students Feb 7 or 8. Robin and Shannon will work on incentives for students who sell. Shannon is going to ask Mr. Pace about promoting Willy Taco night at the school – posters, announcements, etc…

Car Wash Tickets: Will begin selling on March 25 at Willy Taco. Students will get tickets the following week. We discussed allowing 50% of ticket sales going toward 2019/20 band fees and continuing the sell through May to include new band students at Spring Band Camp. We will need a sign out sheet similar to what we will be using for Willy Taco. If this is successful, we can get more cards and do another round of sales at the start of the season.

Spring Car Wash: We decided to NOT do this since we will be selling car wash tickets.

Topic 4: Looking Ahead Calendar is up to date on line.

Notes from Mr Pace about upcoming activities: Band Camp Dates - Tentative July 29 - Aug 2 Aug 5 - Aug 9

BOA - Advise against it... the regional in SC was moved to TN. I vote instead to attend the Western Carolina University Show instead. It is like a regional, but not quite as big.

Spin Clubs League - Zero Students so far. We are trying one more week, if no one attends, then we are cancelling all together Sevier - 10 students so far... the following have paid their $25. We should receipt them soon if we can... Izzy Pickens

Lexi Dailey Kiersten Chantron Diory Lucario Abby Nicholas Joanna Lee Edith Rhoades Addie Boiling - she paid, but made the check out to Sevier, so we sent it back to be re-written

Concert Festival Concert with League - March 4th

Concert Festival - Date and time still not announced

Spring Concert - May 16

End of Year Banquet: Shannon has ideas to incorporate student memories from marching season (i.e. posters, table coverings) and will coordinate this as time gets closer. Robyn will do the slide show/video similar to past years. Shannon will get with Mr. Pace to confirm location and AV needs. Food – still to be determined.

Topic 5: Recruitement 2019/2020 Shannon reported that she, Carleen and Debbie have been working with Sevier on this.

Topic 6: Band Fees and Volunteer Requirements Robyn reported that she has found some systems to track volunteer points as we have discussed at past meetings, but all the existing systems are customized for other sports. She has asked that the company we currently use make some modifications to meet our needs to track volunteer time and is waiting on a response.

Board discussed the issue with students not paying and the booster board not having a record of who has requested hardship fee waivers. The board would like to start managing this process directly and not make Mr. Pace be the middle man. It is the boards understanding that this went through the school at one point, but that now that the booster funds are separate from the school we should have more direct control over this so we can properly plan and solicit donations to cover those who cannot pay. The board wishes to continue its policy that no student will be turned away from band due to expenses, but we need to have a more accountable system so we can budget more efficiently. Shannon will discuss this with Mr. Pace to be sure we are all in agreement.

Next Steps: (Summarize decisions and action items for quick reference. Include responsible party)

  1. Shannon:

  2. Talk with Mr Pace about competition needs for indoor and winter guard – to include scheduling, volunteer needs, equipment(truck) rental, and any needed clarification to winter guard fees.

  3. 50/50 Raffle – Willy Taco

  4. Willy Taco incentives (with Robin)

  5. Willy Taco publicity at the school

  6. Print Willy Taco tickets and cut/group into stacks of 5 for distribution to students.

  7. Coordinate plans for End of Year Banquet (specific task will be assigned at later board meeting)

  8. Robyn:

  9. Contact Mauldin Band Boosters about using truck.

  10. Confirm volunteer clearance for indoor/winter guard volunteers

  11. Communicate with volunteers for indoor and winter guard regarding changes as discussed

  12. Volunteer sign up for Willy Taco

  13. Willy Taco publicity – newsletter, website, facebook

  14. Create Willy Taco ticket and email form to Shannon

  15. Tammy:

  16. Contact Kathryn to get final numbers from fruit sale.

  17. Robin:

  18. Talk to students and distribute tickets for Willy Taco (Feb 7 or 8)

  19. Willy Taco Incentives (with Shannon)

  20. Yet to be assigned to specific person(s)

  21. Car Wash Tickets

  22. Sign out sheet

  23. Distribute to Students in Class

  24. Sell at Willy Taco

  25. Distribute at Spring Band Camp

  26. Nominating Committee

  27. Suggestions for members for next year

  28. Do we want to coordinate our efforts on this or just everyone look for a replacement?

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