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Board Meeting Minutes - September 24, 2018

Debbie opened the meeting at 6:30 pm

Topic 1: Treasurers Report Tammy reported that there were two debit charges over the weekend that she did not have paperwork on. The board agreed that it was food purchases for Saturday competition and the concession stand. Debbie is going to follow-up with ShaeAnn on this.

Also, we have received an invoice for $1400 from Enterprise, Robyn reported that was most likely for marching shoes. Shannon requested payment for the charter buses for State. Debbie brought up an issue regarding arm bands for competitions – we are only to be giving arm bands to volunteers who are officially signed up to work and will not be provided to family members. Additionally, it was noted that we are going to have to purchase arm bands at 3 competitions this year, last year only 2; therefore, we will likely come in over budget on this.

Topic 2: Update on Band Fees and Sponsorships Robyn reported that there has been no new activity in this area. The next scheduled band payment is due the end of this month. Robyn will send a reminder to all band families about this next week.

Topic 3: Competition Update Uniforms: Issue with arm sleeves being too small. They were ordered based on glove size as the company requested. Mr. Pace is going to follow-up with the company to get larger sizes. Several issues came up on Saturday about care and handling of uniforms. Some arm sleeves were lost, shakos were mixed up, and one uniform has a hole in it. Robyn is going to examine the uniform and either repair or get with the uniform company for replacement. As for the mix ups with the Shakos and arm sleeves, Robyn suggested that they be kept in their boxes and/or garment bags as long as possible, especially on the bus. She reported that Mr. Pace wants the kids to carry them in a particular manner and not to be in the box or bag. If they are going to transport them outside of their containers, Mr. Pace is going to need to stress the importance of keeping up with and carrying for them properly or this will continue to be a problem. Mr. Pace also expressed concern over the storage of the plums. The board discussed his concerns and will look for a volunteer to be in charge of plums. Plan to wash uniforms next week, after Saturday’s performance. Props: Props crew needs practice, particularly with the chess pieces. Shannon will confirm that we can use props at this week’s football game and will coordinate with the props crew. A few more people would be helpful to assist with the tables.

Topic 4: Schedule for Saturday 9/29 Mr. Pace emailed schedule to board and Robyn will distribute to families in newsletter. Lunch will be provided by the boosters at the school prior to departure. Dinner will be on your own at the competition.

Topic 5: Fundraisers Tabled discussion on Fruit until next month. Pizza Inn scheduled for December and is on the band calendar. Willy Taco in March will include a 50/50 raffle. Discussed the car wash coupons donated by Toni and their desire to use this fundraiser to cover their band fees. The board agreed but needs Toni to be in charge on this. The timing is still to be determined – probably after the first of the year. Debbie will reach out to Toni to discuss.

Topic 6: Upcoming Dates of Interest Spirit Week, Oct 1-5. Band typically provides desserts/baked goods for the spaghetti dinner. Debbie will check with Tracy to be sure this is on her schedule. 8 th Grade Night, Oct 5. Tracy has done handouts to give to students at the middle schools. Sevier has extended the invitation to all middle school students, not just 8 th graders. Boosters is providing pizza for the band and middle schoolers during 3 rd quarter. Robyn will look at flier from last year that included important information for parents about band schedules to give to 8 th graders that night. Senior Night, Oct 19 pregame. Tracy has plan for senior gift. Henry will be there for pictures in addition to the school photographer. This year, band is being recognized at the same time as the football team. Christmas Parade: Need details. Mr. Pace has said we will be doing the Half Mile Lake parade not the Greenville parade. Date is tentatively December 8 or 9.

Topic 7: Parent Meetings and Board Meetings.

Mondays are the only day that all Board Members can be present. Mondays are bad days at the school, band room is not available. We need a plan for going forward and need to be on the appropriate calendars. Parent meetings have poor attendance, but we are required to hold them to maintain our 501(3)c status. Question was asked if we could combine the parent meeting with other events, i.e. if we do a show for family prior to state can that be our next parent meeting? Also, if we cannot meet at the school on Monday’s, can we meet elsewhere? Debbie will need to follow up with Mr. Pace to get this settled.

Topic 8: Communications Robyn is going to start using the WHHS Band Boosters Remind account to communicate last minute news and announcements with band members and families. She can manually add everyone’s cell number and will send out information about how to opt out or add in.

Next Steps: 1. Debbie a. Get with ShaeAnn and Quentin about food purchases and plan for this week’s competition. b. Get with Mr. Pace about uniform issues, and dates for parent/board meetings. c. Discuss car wash coupons with Toni. d. Check in with Tracy about bake sale needs, spirit week baking and senior night. 2. Shannon a. Props crew practice on Friday b. Arm bands for props crew on Saturday c. Follow up with AIM regarding insurance for booster club and board d. Pizza Inn Fundraiser 3. Robyn a. Repair damaged uniform(s) b. Email families about next band fee payment c. Uniform washing – train volunteers and wash uniforms week of Oct 1-5 d. Set up Remind booster account e. Send out schedule for Saturday f. Update flyer from last year for prospective band students to hand out to families on middle school night.

4. Mr. Pace a. Do we have a space reserved at the school for parent meetings the 4 th Monday of the Month? If not, can we work the parent meeting(s) around existing functions, i.e. the friends and family performance, the winter concert, etc.…...? b. Do we have a space reserved at the school for Board Meetings on the 4 th Monday of the month? If not, would you rather us meet off site or not have 2 or more board members available to attend? If you are unable to attend a board meeting, please let us know. c. Address arm sleeve issues and get bigger sizes. d. Stress to students about proper care of uniforms and help come up with a solution that will minimize damage, lost items and mixed up items. e. Confirm Christmas parade date, time and details.

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