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Boosters Meeting Minutes - April 12, 2018

Carleen opened meeting at 6:00 pm and welcomed the parents to the Band Booster Meeting.

Make sure to fill out the band registration and renewal forms that were emailed earlier this week.

Carleen will send out an email to new parents introducing them to the band and advise on things to look out for and some procedural information.


  • We currently have about $922.89 in our BB&T account and about $3302.11 in our PayPal account

  • We still need to budget for props and we will be purchasing a show

  • We have several fundraisers this spring that will help replenish the funds


  • Bake Sale – April 12 th in the Cafeteria

  • Drop off in front office and labeled “Band Bake Sale”

  • Sign Ups available

  • Pizza Inn will be May 3 rd @ 5:30-8:30 pm

  • We will have 2 shifts for workers – 5:30-7:30 and 6:30-8:30 with an overlap during the busiest time

  • Need at least 2 parent chaperones for each shift and a Board member to stay and count money at the end of the night.

  • Wear WHHS Band gear

  • Sign Ups available for kids and parent chaperones

  • Car Wash/Yard Sale/Bake Sale – May 5 th

  • Use front and back side of WHHS for car wash so we cover both main roads

  • Need to start collecting donations

  • Fruit Sales next year

  • New company

  • Kathryn has already been in contact with them – very responsive

  • 40% profit

  • More precise delivery times

  • Sponsors

  • Think about the ones to approach

  • Donations are tax deductible

  • Chick-Fil- A Profit Night is May 16 th from 5-8pm

  • Location in Taylors by Publix

  • After concert rehearsal

  • We are still waiting on responses from Grant submissions

Board Positions:

  • President – Debbie Porter

  • President Pro Tem – Still need someone to shadow new president for 2018-2019 band season

  • Treasurer – Tammy Smith is still considering

  • Secretary – Robin Broumas

  • Shadow for Marketing and Communications is still needed for a smooth transition after 2018-2019 band season

Carleen nominated these members for their prospective positions. ShaeAnn seconded the nomination and the quorum of members present agreed. We will vote on them at the next parent meeting in May.

Other Items:

  • Need to get uniform team together to unpack and size all of the uniform pieces

  • Pick a Saturday morning soon

  • If interested, contact Robyn Wilcox


  • Banquet – May 7 th 7-9pm

  • Smokehouse 29

  • Minimal fee for everyone

  • Sign ups on line so we can get an accurate food count

  • Spring Clinic – May 12 th

  • Next year’s numbers will be based on the turn out.

  • Need to communicate to Mr. Pace if student can’t make it

  • Spinx March of Dimes Walk a Thon –May 4 th

  • Time is TBD

  • $1000 donation for Drum line playing

  • trailer needed for showmanship and to bring instruments

Prop Team is forming

  • Carleen is heading up the team

  • Contact her if interested

Old trailer needs lights fixed, if anyone knows someone or can do it, please contact Carleen

Greer Recycling pays for cardboard

Updates from Mr. Pace

  • May 16 th there will be an after school rehearsal for Spring Concert on May 17 th

  • Winter guard will have a gym next year. Must be in the class to participate

  • Considering performing at concerts next year. More details to come

  • Contest schedule for 2018-2019 band season is as follows:

  • September 15 th – Exhibition at Mauldin High School

  • September 22 nd – Boiling Springs High School

  • September 29 th – Byrnes High School

  • October 13 th – Wildcat Rumble at Woodmont High School

  • October 20 th – Upperstate at Boiling Springs High School

  • October 27 th – State Championship at TBD

Next Steps: 1. Bake Sale April 13 th 2. Pizza Inn May 3 rd 3. Spinx March of Dimes Walk a Thon May 4 th 4. Car Wash, Yard Sale, Bake Sale May 5 th 5. Banquet May 7 th 6. Spring clinic May 12 th 7. Rehearsal and Chick-fil- a night May 16 th 8. Spring Concert May 17 th 9. Fill open Booster Board positions 10. Brainstorm fundraiser ideas 11. Next Parent Meeting, May 7, 2018 at 6pm during Banquet Voting for 2018-2019 band season Booster Board!!

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm

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