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Boosters Meeting Minutes - November 7, 2017

Agenda 1. Events 2. Fundraisers 3. Financials 4. Other items 5. Next Steps

Meeting began at 6:00 pm

Carleen welcomed the parents to the Band Booster Meeting.

1. Band Hangout opportunity – Bowling  Carleen will check and see if the bowling alley will be available wither November 20 th or 27 th .  It has to be a Monday due to tournaments  Kids will pay for their games and food  Boosters are facilitating the event and helping provide chaperones

2. Christmas Parade is Sunday, December 10 th @ 6pm at Half Mile Lake  Call time is till TBD  Kids will need to be in place at parade site by 5:30pm  Kids will be wearing their costume  Need a bus and Trailer  Dismiss from WHHS

3. Christmas Party  Try and have it after the Christmas Parade at the Half Mile Lake Clubhouse - Tracy will check with her friend  Jennifer Reneke’s house will be a back-up plan  Nova may also want to have the kids come by after the parade - Carleen will check with her

4. Band Concert at WHHS December 14 th @ 7pm  Dress rehearsal the night before until 5:30pm

Fundraisers: Avon Profit Share Event will be extended through November 18 th o Keep sharing on Social Media

Bake Sale – December 1 st in the Cafeteria o Christmas cookies – drop off in front office and labeled “Band Bake Sale” o Wear ugly Christmas sweater or tshirt o Sign Ups available

Pizza Inn Thursday, November 9 th o Kids working event need to be there 5:30 -9:30pm but the event is from 6-9pm o Wear WHHS Band gear

o Sign Ups available for kids and parent chaperones

Wendy’s Night is November 14 th and December 12 th from 5:30-8:30 pm

Robin Broumas is working on a profit night at Texas Roadhouse in December

Noel is going to be working with Boosters and Mr. Pace on writing grants for instruments and staff o We need to be able to keep staff year round in order to have consistency of staff year after year.

Fruit Fundraiser o Sold 226 boxes o 44 kids participated = 60.2% participation o Do not have the number of kids who just paid profit

Financials:  We currently have $3,494.48 in our BB&T account and $4,963.70 in or PayPal account  We still need to pay for staff, coke, props, trucks, and fruit.

  • o Coke should be giving us a credit on returned product.

 We will need to repair the Vibraphone that was borrowed  Mr. Pace will be able to pay out of his budget to get all of the other borrowed instruments cleaned

Other Items: 1. Need to get prop team together to strip the vinyl from the props

  •  Henry will coordinate

2. Armed Forces Parade will be sometime in May at the airport 3. All County and Regions

  • o We had 31 kids sign up for All County and 18 sign up for Region

  • o Huge improvement from last year

  • o Working towards the Outstanding Performer Award

4. Greenville County School Board Meetings

  • o Carleen wants to start attending these meetings and bring awareness to the School Board

  • about some of the challenges school marching bands face

  •  Staff contracts in July when they will not be available until after August

  •  Money for instruments

5. Spin Club beginning in January

  • o A way for the kids to still be involved and participate in the winter and help them with their skills

  • o 1 day a week in the band room

  • o Kids will pay $50 to participate and fundraise to help offset costs

  • o Plan on going to one competition to observe (WGI in Charlotte)

  • o Anyone interested can join at any point in the season

Next Steps: 1. Volunteer online 2. Avon Sale 3. Christmas Events coming up! 4. Fundraising nights - eat, eat, eat!

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

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