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Board Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2016


1. Bank Account

2. Winter Activities

3. Spring Events

4. Next Year

5. Discuss next steps

We will be closing the First Citizen’s Bank Account and transferring money to a new BB&T Bank Account. Quick Books works better with BB&T and it also allows us to have a completely fresh start with the new booster name and non-profit status. Carleen, Kathryn, and ShaeAnn will meet over the Christmas break to open up the new account.

The Point of Contact for the Non-Profit will be Quentin Cavanagh. This is more difficult to change and

has a monetary charge every time it is changed so the suggestion was to appoint a spouse or someone with a freshman band member who is unlikely to quit. We still need to work on the Articles of Incorporation and revise the by-laws.

Winter Activities:

We need to find a place to paint the tarp for Winter Guard during the Christmas break. ShaeAnn and

Carleen will check with the downtown airport to see if they have a hangar.

NG Indoor does not need anything.

Spring Events:

We will plan an end of year party in May

Next Year:

We need to discuss with Mr. Williams Winter Guard being able to use the WHHS cafeteria for next year. They will not be able to go back to League Academy.

The Fine Arts Center is taking over the field next to the school next year. We will have to share our field with Track and Field since the football players will be moving to the track field. Maybe we can explore opportunities to improve this field with the track team.

Next Steps:

1. Tarp Painting

2. Next Meeting, TBD

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