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Please read these important reminders about the marching uniforms:

  • The part of your uniform that YOU provide each time you wear your uniform is

  • solid black t-shirt that was given to you (or identical one you purchase)

  • long solid black socks (not ankle or no-show, no stripes or other colors on them) - these can be bought at most dollar stores if you don't have them

  • black gloves appropriate to your instrument

Make sure these are washed after each performance and ready for the next one.

  • We strongly recommend that you wear thinner athletic-type shorts when you arrive for call time and plan to WEAR THEM UNDER YOUR BIBBERS. This isn't required yet but there are some very good reasons for this suggestion:

  • You can slip your uniform on right over the shorts in the band room and don't have to spend the time or go somewhere to "change."

  • You will stay fresher and your uniform will stay cleaner if there is something between you and it.

  • After performing, when it is really hot like it has been, you can take the bibbers off right by the bus without having to find a place to change. Yes you'll be hot under the uniform, but you will feel much better when you can take the uniform off quickly. Plus Mr. Pace will be much less stressed if you don't have to take the time to find a changing room and wait for a turn with everyone else.

  • You won't have to worry about forgetting clothes to change into or potentially being stuck in your bibbers the whole time when your band-mates aren't. Going pants-free is not an option for anyone.

  • After the performance, when you are turning your uniform back in to the volunteers,

  • it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your correct shirt and correct bibbers are on the correct hanger and in the correct bag

  • it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to tell the volunteer you hand your bag to if there is any issue with your uniform - you won't be in trouble unless we don't know about it

  • the bottom/hem is hanging down or has come unsewn

  • a seam has ripped

  • a hole needs to be patched

  • the bibber is too big or too small or too long or too short (may require you to put it on to mark it)

  • something had to be pinned in an emergency repair and needs to be fixed.

Thanks for your attention, and keep up the amazing work!

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