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Board Meeting Minutes - May 24, 2016

Meeting Date: May 24, 2016@ 6:30 pm

Attended Invited √ Michelle Brower √ Carleen Smith √ Terri McMorrow √ ShaeAnn Cavanagh √ Robyn Wilcox


AJ Pace

Agenda 1. Band Camp 2. Summer Fundraisers 3. Welcome Packet 4. Discuss next steps

June 1st everything transfers from last year’s board to new board.

Terri discussed Pay Pal:

  • We can set up payment anyway we want it

  • Absorb service fee

  • Set up time is unknown (~2-3 weeks)

  • Need to have a meeting with Lisa Parrish

  • Info to set up account

  • Checking account information

  • Change password on the booster gmail account so we can use it for Pay Pal

  •, PW: newbies1

Michelle discussed Zaxby’s

  • She will send an email to set up profit share dates this summer

  • Goal is to have one profit share per month to use as a starter fund for concessions

  • 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of each month

Welcome Back Meet-and-Greet:

  • Need to put together a Welcome Packet for parents. Robyn will work on this

  • Tentative Schedule with rehearsal times, football games, and competitions

  • Letter from AJ Pace

  • Bylaws of the WHHS Bands Boosters

  • Fundraiser information

  • Sponsor information

  • Opportunities to Help

  • Carleen knows the owner of Bucky’s BBQ (back up will be Food Truck)

  • last Friday of Band Camp (Aug 5th)

  • $5/person and band member is free

  • Possibly look into getting Cool Mama’s Ice Cream Truck too

  • Have food after parent exhibition

  • Pool Party will be moved to Friday night as well from 8pm – 10 pm

  • 1 lifeguard per 25 kids plus $50 for pool

  • kids can bring snacks

Band Camp:

  • July 25th through Aug 5th

  • We will need 2 people in the morning and afternoon to set up and take down drink station

  • Michelle will check to see if Woodlawn can donate the use of tents for the whole two weeks, ShaeAnn’s tents will be back up

  • Board will spend one late night after band camp to clean out band room

Robyn discussed roster and new membership website:

  • Roster is from original list

  • Removed parents and school administration from membership and renamed them as contacts – less information is needed for them

  • We can also add the symphonic band members as contacts too for future announcements

  • Send out reminder for website sign up

  • Sponsor Form:

  • $100 donation for email signature (Business Level)

  • $50 donation for Chick-fil-a coupon cards (Friends and Family Level). ShaeAnn will check on getting these cards from Bill Tyler.

  • If receive $500 could consider wrapping trailer with logos

  • Can set up a deposit box in Band Room with envelops for donations

  • Receipts – group email with a thank you and receipt, but for large donations we can hand write thank yous


  • Spring Football Game is Friday, May 27th at 6pm. Concessions will be available. Decided we did not want to try to pull something together last minute.

  • Need to get football schedule. Thursday and Friday home games only

  • Food – Terri will review Lisa’s notes to find out what vendors and pricing we used last year

  • Who will be ordering food? Quentin will not have the time. Needs to be a board member

  • Terri and Robyn have Costco cards and Carleen has a Sam’s card

  • Coke, Pebble Creek Pizza, Popcorn, Pretzels, nachos, candy, and Bojangles (discussed only using them for tea)

  • Kristie’s chili recipes for hot dogs. Can buy hot dogs and cook in crock pot at game

  • Carleen suggested getting Bucky’s BBQ to provide a pan of pulled pork. We can sell BBQ sandwiches at games instead of chicken sandwiches.

Volunteers needed for each event:

Games – 6 chaperones (3 Male, 3 Female), 4 concessions, 2 uniforms

Competitions – 6 chaperones (3 Male, 3 Female), 2 uniforms

Props -

Discussed the need to rethink how we check-in and check-out band members. It would be a good idea to organize everything by section this year and assign band members 3-digit numbers based on their sections. Number all of their uniforms and garment bags.

1. Woodwinds – 101, 102, 103…,

2. High Brass – 201, 202, 203…,

3. Brass – 301, 302, 303….,

4. Percussion – 401, 402, 403….,

5. Color Guard – 501, 502, 503…..

Robyn and Michelle will get the garment bags soon so we can mend and number them over the summer. ShaeAnn will work on a flowchart for checking in uniforms after games and competitions.

  • Section leaders will inspect and check their sections to make sure everything is together and numbers match.

  • One section can be changing while another section is inspected and a third section is checking in their uniforms.

No show shirts this year. We will be using the grey shirts from last year. Can order off the membership website. We need to double check with Lisa on the pricing. Section Leaders can have themes for their sections.

We need to meet as a board once a month. Next meeting will be June 14th at 6pm and July 12th at 6pm. Locations are TBD.

Next Steps:

  1. Terri - follow up with Lisa on financial information

1. Michelle - email Zaxby’s and check with Woodlawn about tents

Carleen - contact Bucky’s BBQ for welcome back dinner and concession prices

  1. Robyn - send email reminder for membership sign up and get football schedule

  2. ShaeAnn - check with Bill Tyler for Chick-fil-a coupons and work on flowchart for uniform check-in

  3. Check with Lisa on T-shirt pricing

  4. Next meeting is Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 6:00pm, Location TBD

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