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Board Meeting Minutes- June 25, 2020

COVID IMPACT- Mr. Pagett has worked closely with our district coordinator to help develop safety guidelines for marching band rehearsals during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are similar guidelines already for athletic practices and academic summer camps from Greenville County and other school districts. The guidelines we compiled were extensive and research-based. Mr. Pagett’s priority is the health, safety and education of our students. We have to remain flexible this year… information is constantly changing. COMPETITIONS: In a few weeks, we will know if the South Carolina Band Directors Association will cancel State Championship events- we expect it will. Many of our local competition hosts have already canceled their events after district bans on outside events and travel. Greenville County has not yet placed a blanket ban on travel, but reductions in our funding plus social distancing requirements on buses would make it prohibitively difficult to transport the band.

District band directors have agreed to adopt a non-competitive policy for the 2020 season. This means:

  • We should develop a shorter, very entertaining marching band show to continue to practice our marching band techniques.

  • Our planned competitive show, “Beacon”, will return in 2021.

  • If in-person football is allowed in GCS this year, we must support the team at games with pep tunes in the stands and our entertaining field show.

BAND CAMP: Band Camp must be cancelled. We will try to schedule longer rehearsals if possible. FINANCES- BAND FEES: Due to the modified schedule, we are looking at reducing fees to $100 per student this year (no discount for siblings, no discount for fundraisers)

TREASURER UPDATE: Sonya is no longer interested in serving as a co-treasurer. Elizabeth Tomlin is still willing, but is expecting a baby soon, so will not be available as much at first. Ronda will take on treasurer duties in Elizabeth’s absence.

BANK UPDATE: Need to make an appointment at the bank to update the signature cards. Ronda and Karen are willing to be on the bank account, along with Elizabeth. Jennifer would like to be removed from the account. Ronda will work on scheduling a time.

TECH SOUP & QUICK BOOKS: Pagett signed us up for a Tech Soup account on Monday. This allows us to purchase tech items at a greatly discounted rate. We were able to purchase Quick Books for nonprofits through Tech Soup. This will help with maintaining better accounting records.


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