BAND NOTES - February 4, 2019

February 5, 2019



The WHHS Band Boosters are thrilled to officially announce our upcoming fundraising event at Willy Taco! For this event, Willy Taco only opens for our ticket holders or paying walk-ins. We charge $12 for each person, which includes the unlimited taco & salsa bar and tea or soft drink, and we keep $10 from each ticket. 

We will also have a 50/50 raffle at the restaurant. One winner gets half the money raised and the band gets the rest.

This event has the potential to raise a lot of money, but WE MUST HAVE VOLUNTEER HELP. 

  • Students will be asked to sell at least 5 tickets (paper tickets distributed next week or refer people to website)

  • Students and parents are needed to work one hour shifts at the event, everything from filling drinks to selling raffle tickets. Choose a spot that works best for you.

  • Everyone should share the information with everyone, talk it up at work, share the event on social media, etc.

  • Buy your tickets and plan to attend!



to our Wade Hampton Band students who made All-State and Region bands. 
Bess Bridwell - 5th chair All-State
Gio Garcia - 7th chair All-State
Colin Stephens - 5th chair Region
Sam Ryan - 3rd chair Region
Tyler Bush - 7th chair Region
Nathan Painter - 3rd chair Region
Carmen Smoak - 1st alternate Region
Lance Wilcox - 1st alternate Region
Luna Riley - 5th alternate Region
Josh Porter - 2nd alternate Region
Bryce Bridwell - 3rd alternate Region



Our monthly bake sale at WHHS is Friday, February 8, during all lunches. Students, stop by to purchase some sweet treats - and encourage your friends to buy too! All proceeds go directly to your band!


If you can help with the sale or make baked goodies for the sale, please get details and sign up at 


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