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BAND NOTES - November 5

Fundraising opportunities continue, which will help those still working on band fees and will make sure we have the money we need the rest of the year and into next summer.

Get those Fruit & Cheesecake Orders!

Our Annual Band Fruit Sale is underway - this year with cheesecake as an additional option. Students should be selling through November 15th and pick up is tentatively scheduled for December 10th.

Remember, students can sell a minimum of 10 items (fruit or cheesecakes) to reduce the last $100 of band fees.

If you aren't able to pay your band fees, you are expected to sell at least the minimum amount.

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Bake Sale this Friday

Our monthly bake sale at WHHS is Friday, November 9, during all lunches. Students, stop by to purchase some sweet treats - and encourage your friends to buy too! All proceeds go directly to your band!

If you can help with the sale or make baked goodies for the sale, please get details and sign up at

Smokehouse 29 Spirit Night Fundraiser

Visit Smokehouse 29 on Thursday, November 15 from 5 - 8 pm for some great BBQ. Tell them you are with the band and 10% of sales go back to us. Enjoy!

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Remaining Band Fees are now due

Unfortunately, there are many who have fallen behind in band fee payments. Even if you can only pay a little bit each week, we need you to keep up with your payments as our costs continue beyond the season. - Sell fruit to make up for up to $100 band fees - Students (over 16) and parents who need another volunteer shift can sign up for Pizza Inn in January.

Please log in to your account and review what you owe.

See the full explanation on reducing fees.

Click here to make a payment now.

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