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BAND NOTES - October 15, 2018

Schedule changes this week

Tuesday - 6 to 9 pm rehearsal

Friday - Senior recognition before the game, perform after game


7:00 am - Rehearsal begins (please don't wear your red sleeveless shirt for sweaty rehearsal)

8:30 am - Load truck and change into uniforms

10:00 am - Depart for Boiling Springs High School

10:45 am - Arrive at Boiling Springs and unload

11:15 am - Eat and bathroom break

12:15 pm - Visual warm-up

1:05 pm - Walk to music warm-up

1:10 pm - Music warm-up

2:00 pm - Walk to gate

2:05 pm - Gate time

2:15 pm - Perform

2:45 pm - Begin loading truck

3:15 pm - Awards ceremony

3:45 pm - Finish loading truck

4:15 pm - Depart Boiling Springs High School

5:00 pm - Arrive at WHHS and unload

approx. 6 pm - Dismiss (Pick Up Time)

If you are coming to cheer on our awesome band, make sure you arrive by 1:30 pm to allow for parking, walking, and finding a seat. You aren't allowed to enter a stadium's seating area when a band is performing, so you'll need to arrive well before performance time.

Remember, dismissal time is approximate. Students are not allowed to leave until Mr. Pace dismisses them, which is after everything is unloaded and put away and their meeting is finished.

Volunteer to help at Upper State or State!

Please consider volunteering for one or more of them. You'll have more fun than you expect, and your help is more important than you can imagine.

Details and Sign Up -

Remember, only those signed up through our official Sign Up will be included in the admission armbands.

Fruit Sale begins today!

Students received information today about the Annual Band Fruit Sale. Sale will last through November 15th and pick up is tentatively scheduled for December 10th.

Remember, students can sell a minimum of 10 items (fruit or cheesecakes) to reduce the last $100 of band fees.

If you aren't able to pay your band fees, you are expected to sell at least the minimum amount.

Share this link with all your friends -

Make sure you are on track to pay your Band Fees!

Being a band this awesome isn't cheap. Unfortunately, there are many who have fallen behind in band fee payments. Even if you can only pay a little bit each week, we need you to keep up with your payments as our costs continue through the season and beyond. Please log in to your account and review what you owe.

See the full explanation on reducing fees.

Click here to make a payment now.

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