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Booster Meeting Minutes - October 15, 2018

Update on band fees

To date we have received almost 60% of the expected band fees, which is an improvement over previous years.

  • 21 families have paid or received sponsorships for 100% of their fees.

  • Unfortunately, 44 families owe more than $100 on band fees.

The volunteer reductions for both parents and students has been well-received.

  • 25 families have received the reduction for parents volunteering

  • 33 families have received the reduction for students volunteering

The amount that hasn't been paid or reduced adds up to $18,000 that has to be made up with other fundraising to cover our budget.


296 volunteer shifts have been completed so far by 45 parents

77 parents (63%) haven't officially volunteered yet


We've sent 18 major emails to the entire group and maintain an average open rate of 63.87%.

We've also begin using Remind again for quick reminders and have an average open rate around 70%.

Our Facebook pages has grown to 269 likes and our results, pictures and video posts often reach over 1000 people each.

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