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BAND NOTES - August 21, 2018

SCHEDULE CHANGE - THIS THURSDAY'S REHEARSAL IS 6 TO 9 PM There is a JV football game conflict, so we rehearse in the athletic complex practice field. (Pick up and drop off are normal - start and end at Band Room as always.)

Payment toward Band Fee is now due!

Even if you plan to volunteer to reduce band fees, we still need to get something toward the rest of the fee now. See the full explanation on reducing fees.

Reduce your band fee with sponsorships!

Time is running out to get sponsorships to reduce your band fees. Sponsorships need to be submitted by August 30. Sponsors added after that time would not be guaranteed the benefits promised to them.

Remember, every sponsorship you bring in is dollar-for-dollar off the amount of band fee you owe. Look over the process online, get the printable form from that page if you want it, and use that information to ask for a donation. You might not get money every time you ask, but definitely worth the effort to ask the question!

Reduce your band fee - volunteer! Student and Parent Volunteer Opportunities

  • The next opportunity for students is the Car Wash and Bake Sale, September 8. Available slots for 40 students and 24 adults, so if you want to be able to reduce your fees, pick your shift(s) soon! Details and Sign up -

  • Parents, many opportunities for volunteering are available for football games and competitions throughout the season. Details and Sign Up -

Special note about volunteering

Because of our new arrangements to give fee reductions for volunteers, it is more important than ever to remember:

  • Only those officially signed up on the lists will be allowed to serve as volunteers for a given shift. You can sign up any time up to the shift start time if there are spaces available. No others will be counted toward fee reductions, given entry, or other benefits.

  • Please don't sign up for a shift if you know you can't work the whole shift - leave that space for someone else who can. If you do not stay for the entire shift identified on lists, you will not receive credit toward fee reduction. If there are extenuating circumstances, please see a board member.

  • In many cases, volunteers are able to 'get in free' while working, but we can't always guarantee that. A recent change at WHHS football games means that chaperones and prop crew will have to pay the $6 entry fee to enter the games with the band. While we would love to continue to give that perk for those volunteers, this isn't something we have in the budget.

Make sure your student has compression shorts to wear under their uniform!

The uniforms are very fitted, so everyone needs to be tucked in and smooth. The first roll out for uniforms is planned for August 31st.

Get your Show Shirt and show your support!

We'd love to get as many parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, etc. to sport our 2018 show shirt at our competitions. Order yours today at !

Donations for Football Concessions

WHHS Band Boosters operates the visitor side concession stand as our largest fundraiser. If you shop at Costco or Sam's Club and would be willing to donate an item or two, that's less we have to buy from Booster funds to operate, and more money goes toward band activities.

List of Needs and Sign Up -

Drop off and Pick up

Thank you for continuing to use the Drop Off and Pick Up Process. For all practice, games and competitions, NOT JUST BAND CAMP, all band drop off and pick up will be through the fire lane at the side of the school.

  • No one dropping off or picking up should enter at the back of the school.

The fire lane gates should be unlocked, but please note, if you are early to arrive, you may need to push the gate open. Thank you for your help with this matter.

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