Boosters Meeting Minutes - March 6, 2018

March 6, 2018

Carleen opened meeting at 6:30 pm and welcomed the parents to the Band Booster Meeting.


We currently have about $3,500.00 in our BB&T account and about $3,000.20 in or PayPal account




  • Bake Sale – March 9 th in the Cafeteria

o Drop off in front office and labeled “Band Bake Sale”
o Sign Ups available

  • Pizza Inn will be May 3 rd 5:30-8:30 pm

o We will have 2 shifts for workers – 5:30-7:30 and 6:30-8:30 with an overlap during the busiest
o Need at least 2 parent chaperones for each shift and a Board member to stay and count money
at the end of the night.
o Wear WHHS Band gear
o Sign Ups available for kids and parent chaperones

  • Wendy’s Night is March 13 th from 5:30-8:30 pm

  • Smokehouse 29 would like to host us for a fundraiser on a Saturday between 3-8pm

o Targeting May 5 th or June 2 nd
o Need 2 workers per shift (bus tables)
o 10% of ALL sales and do not have to identify as WHHS Band
o Could do car wash in the back parking lot at the same time – Carleen will contact Strip Mall

  • Ideas for additional fundraisers in the Spring

o Car Wash/Yard Sale/Bake Sale – May 5 th or June 2 nd tentatively

 Coordinate with local firemen to help get cash donations on the street corners
 Consider 2 locations: Walmart and Chick-fil- a

o Fruit Sales next year

 We may be using an different distributor from California, PJ’s
 Byrnes uses them also
 Better product and they also sell Cheesecakes

o Lottery (Raffle) 50/50

 Can do this 2 times a year because we are identified as a non-profit
 Not this spring but need to plan for next year.

 Sell tickets for cash prize
 Debbie Porter has pictures of tickets for examples
 Make it a community event in Student Parking lot
 Have Band perform on a stage
 Sell food and have vendors/sponsors with tents


Board Positions:


  • Need to fill the President, Treasurer and Secretary positions

  • VP of Communications & Marketing will remain on the Board and mentor her replacement after next year.

o Learn website management
o Membership Toolkit

  • Vote in early May


Other Items:



1. Need to get uniform team together to unpack and size all of the uniform pieces

o Pick a Saturday morning soon
o If interested, contact Robyn Wilcox


2. Events


o Future Generals Night – March 15 th 6:30pm
 Set up after school around 4pm
 Booth – mannequin with new costume, flyer (Susan and AJ)
 Showcase Drum core on Promethean Board


o Concert Festival is March 20 th at Dorman after school.
 Warm up is at 5:15 with performance at 5:40 pm
 We will be renting a charter bus. Each student should bring $5 to help reduce the
 No food will be provided


o Banquet – May 7 th 7-9pm
 Smokehouse 29
 Minimal fee for everyone


o Spring Clinic – May 12 th

 Next year’s numbers will be based on the turn out.


o Armed Forces Parade – Around May 19 th
 Still needs to be confirmed
 We have to participate since we received new uniforms for next year.


3. Updates from Mr. Pace


o Storage unit is getting painted now and should be delivered soon (~2-3 weeks)


o Need to email rising 9 th graders

 Mr. Pace provided a list (22) and will need to follow up with a phone call
 We should expect about 50% loss from 8 th grade to 9 th grade
 Check out list and if you know anyone please reach out


o Proposition 302

 Contact your local SC Representative to have them support
 Band will get PE credit


4. Band Fee


o Working on getting the Band Fee paid directly to the Boosters.
o It would include the Band Fee plus fair share payment in one fee
o Only downside is that if a student qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch and does not pay, we would absorb the cost.

 Working on options in this case

o Mr. Williams will be contacting Mauldin’s band boosters to discuss this option and let us know soon.


Next Steps:
1. Bake Sale – March 9 th
2. Wendy’s Night March 13 th 5:30-8:30pm
3. Future Generals Night – March 15 th 6:30pm
4. Concert Festival – March 20 th 5:40 pm
5. Fill open Booster Board positions
6. Brainstorm fundraiser ideas
7. Fundraising nights - eat, eat, eat!
8. Next Parent Meeting, April 3, 2018 at 6pm in the Chorus Room


Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

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