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Board Meeting Minutes - January 30, 2018

Carleen opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Board and Committee Positions: We discussed the need to identify potential candidates for board positions next year. Nicole Painter – President Carol Andersen – Treasurer Robin Broumas – Secretary

Robyn Wilcox will remain as VP of Marketing and Communications since she has only been in that position for one year. Also, she has been vital in the implementation of our new Membership Tool Kit application. She knows everything about the software and functionality. It would not be wise to hand off this task to a new person. The recommendation is to have a person shadow Robyn for the entire band season next year so they will be able to take it over for the 2019-2020 season.

We also decided that the VP of Fundraising Board position could be downgraded to a Committee Chair person. Jennifer Reneke and Natalie would be great options.

Carleen, Kathryn and ShaeAnn will continue to be available for support and answer questions for the next board.

Carleen wants to be the administrative coordinator for the props and help Henry with the communication and planning. Henry is needed to help resource supplies and building. For competitions, Carleen will help coordinate trucks and props. Laura Holley would also be a good person to help.

ShaeAnn and Quentin will continue to manage the concession stand and coordinate hospitality for the competitions.

Robyn will continue managing the uniforms.

We need a Volunteer Committee. The chairperson would identify when volunteers are needed and what they need to do, follow up and remind as needed and recruit volunteers for specific events. Angie Smith, Noelle and Emily Stephens would be good options to consider.

Williams Meeting: We need to have a wellness check with Mr. Williams and go over the marching band season. What went well? What can be improved? Expectations for next year.

Also need to discuss the band fee and having it go through Boosters next year instead of the school. Carleen will schedule the meeting.

Parent Meeting: February 6, 2018 at 6pm in the Chorus Room Agenda will include:  Open board positions next year (flyer)  Upcoming Fundraisers  Upcoming Events

Financials: We currently have $2,779.74 in our BB&T account and $3,078.26 in our PayPal account


  • Tipsy Taco Profit Share February 20 th

  • Wendy’s Profit Share March 13 th

  • Spring Car Wash and Yard Sale date TBD

  • Bake Sale – February 9 th in the Cafeteria

  • Valentines cookies

  • Photo booth for pictures and charge $1

  • Tracy will need to get permission before this is advertised

  • Sign Ups available for bakers and event workers

  • Pizza Inn Profit Share will be in April

  • 2 shifts of workers and chaperones

  • 8 workers from 5:30-7:30 with 2 adult chaperones

  • 5 workers from 6:30-8:30 with 2 adult chaperones

  • 1 board member will need to stay until 9 to count money with Pizza Inn manager

  • Workers wear WHHS Band gear

  • Sign Ups available for kids and parent chaperones

Events: Spring Banquet

May 7 th at 7pm

  • ShaeAnn will check on food donations. Quentin and ShaeAnn have a contact with a new restaurant not far from WHHS.

  • Pricing:

  • $10 for adults

  • $5 for students

  • Band members free for now. We may change depending on price of food.

Spring Clinic Saturday May 12 th

  • More planning and information to come later.

Other Items: 1. Charms - Robyn researched the Charms tool to see if it would meet all of our needs.

  • Email responsive template – do not have it

  • Feeds in emails – not available

  • Logs of emails and reporting (metrics for opening, reading, delivered) – not available

  • Customize student records for band – preset options that are not customizable

  • News items – do not feed

  • Online Forms – not an option (parents would need to print, fill out and return hardcopy to Boosters).

  • This is going backwards to our current system which is all electronic.

  • Uniform Management – Have this option but not the scan option as first understood

  • Robyn found an App to scan bar codes to help organize new uniforms

  • Labor intensive at first but once it is set up it will be easy to use

2. Band Closet

  • Robyn worked on a proposal to clean up the current band closet

  • 1 cabinet with lockable doors right outside the band closet

  • Food, Water, Non-uniform supplies

  • Check school warehouse for a cabinet first before purchasing one

  • The coolers can be stacked to the left of the band room during marching band season and stored in the trailer during the off-season.

  • The past years’ pictures are still on the top shelf. These need to be removed from frames, folded and placed in portfolios for flat storage.

3. New Uniforms Robyn will need one Saturday with the uniform crew to finish organizing and sizing the new uniforms

Next Steps: 1. Parent Meeting February 6 th at 6pm in Chorus Room 2. Meeting with Mr. Williams – Carleen to schedule 3. Bake Sale February 9 th in Cafeteria 4. Find lockable cabinet – Susan or A.J. 5. Food Donations for Spring Banquet – ShaeAnn 6. Tipsy Taco February 20 th 7. Next Board Meeting, February 27 th at 6:00 pm in the Chorus Room. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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