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Boosters Meeting Minutes - October 3, 2017


1. Competitions

2. Updates

3. Upcoming

4. Volunteer needs

5. Fundraisers

6. Next Steps

Meeting began at 6:05 pm Carleen welcomed the parents to the Band Booster Meeting.

Great competition last weekend, and not just the band results. Less stressed, more parents participating, and cooler weather made it better all around.


  • The Yard Sale/Bake Sale/Car Wash was a great success, making over $900.

  • Will plan another for Spring.

  • Band Dance went very well, with about 65 kids attending!

  • highlight was Mr. Pace dancing with the kids

  • big thanks to Noel Pagan and Emily Stephens for their hard work

The boosters have purchased a new trailer!

  • longer, wider and taller!

  • most importantly, safer for traveling

  • Vault Graphics is doing decals for very little money - give them all your sign business!


October 19 is Senior Night and Sponsor Night for the band

  • This is the Thursday game during Fall Break.

  • Seniors will be in uniform, will perform at halftime after recognized

Byrnes competition is this weekend

  • will be more schools and larger bands

  • larger school campus so we will be more spread out with props at field, warm ups farther away and percussion separate from band, etc.

Costumes will be washed after next week’s performance

  • done together by parent volunteers

  • use Sign Ups to volunteer to help

Volunteer needs:

  1. Need everyone interested in volunteering to officially sign up online

  • only those who are signed up will be admitted with the band (stamp, wrist band)

  1. Need volunteers for Thursday concessions.

  • JV/C-Team game on Thursdays, two shifts or stay for all

  1. Need food donations for each competition

  • boosters or parents will take care of the main portion, need fruits, veggies and desserts to go with

  • use Sign Ups to let us know what you can bring

  1. Need more baking help for the October 11 Spirit Week Bake Sale, hosted by the band during the spaghetti dinner.

  2. Need bakers for a monthly bake sale during school lunch times. Dates are on the calendar.


  • Wendy’s Spirit Night is Tuesday October 10th from 5:30 -8:30 pm

  • Tipsy Taco Night is Tuesday, October 24th from 5 to 9 pm

  • take out food counts too

  • Fruit Sales – Extended the fruit sale through October 16

  • sales have started off very slowly, but starting to pick up

  • very important fundraiser to get us started for next year’s expenses

  • Can still donate without buying fruit

  • Kids should bring in orders every Thursday to be entered into a drawing on Friday for prizes

  • Pizza Inn fundraiser scheduled for November 9th

  • need 8 to 10 kids to work as servers (must be 16 or over)

  • we get 20% of night

Next Steps:

  1. Volunteer online

  2. Fruit – Sell, Sell, Sell!!

  3. Fundraising nights - eat, eat, eat!

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm

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