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Board Meeting Minutes - September 26, 2017

Agenda 1. Competitions 2. Fundraisers 3. Financials 4. Other Items 5. Discuss next steps

Robyn opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.


Next competition is at Laurens on September 30 th . Perform at 4:30

  • Robin B. is trying to get donations form Walmart for food and snacks

  • Need to know how much was donated by Thursday so we can get the rest of the supplies.

  • Make sandwiches Saturday morning in the cafeteria

  • Plan on feeding kids around 5:45-6pm

  • Need the truck ordered earlier than 10:30 because we need to load at 10:30 am

  • Volunteers who signed up will get wristbands and chaperones on the buses will get stamped with kids.

Byrnes competition is on October 7 th .

  • Adam Couch is planning on making the food for the kids. ShaeAnn is following up with him.

Blythewood competition is on October 14 th . Kids perform at 6pm

  • We will have snacks available after the kids unload the trucks.

  • Kids will eat at the concession stand. We will have other food available in case some do not bring money.

Upperstate competition is on October 21 st . Kids perform at 9pm

  • We will serve 2 meals – Chili at the school and sandwiches (Chick-fil- a) at Boiling Springs after trucks have been unloaded.


  • Bake Sale/Car wash/Yard Sale made $925

  • Need to plan another one in the spring after Spring Break (April 14 th )

  • Wendy’s Profit Night – October 10 th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm

  • Kathryn will contact Pizza Inn to see if we can schedule one for the first week in November.

  • Publix Cards – get $$ every quarter.

  • Fruit – extended for two more weeks to October 12 th

  • Robin B. organized a Spirit Night at Tipsy Taco for 3 rd week in October. Planning on same timeframe of 5:30-8:30pm.

  • We have the possibility to do concession in the spring for spring sports (Soccer and Lacrosse).

  • Kathryn will email Ms. Peterson.

  • We can do a bake sale every other Friday during lunch as another fundraiser. Decided to only do the first of the month for now. Lunch runs from 11:55-2:05.

  • Dates available are:

  • September 30 th

  • October 6 th and 20 th

  • November 3 rd and 17 th

  • December 1 st and 15 th

  • January 12 th and 26 th

  • February 9 th and 23 rd

  • March 9 th and 23 rd

  • April 13 th and 27 th

  • May 11 th and 25 th

  • We need to begin discussing and figuring out how to incorporate using the “Square” for accepting credit and debit cards for concessions and other fundraising next year or as soon as possible this year. Mrs. Painter has offered to help us set it up since she has experience with it in Boy Scouts

Spirit Wear – the supplier can make an online store which means we cannot upcharge anymore, but the benefit would be that they manage it.


  • We currently have $5,082.31 in our BB&T account.

  • First Citizens account has $0 and the account is still open for now. Kathryn will close it.

  • We have received some money for fruit sales

  • The taxes are done

  • We still need to pay for staff. Per AJ the amount is $2500 divided into 2 payments.

  • The best estimate for cost of props so far is $1,000.00 from Wilcoxes and we do not have a total from Shawn Sperry. Russ Smoak donated his cost.

Graphics for Trailer – the company is going to do the graphics for ½ price but it is still $408.50.

  • Robyn has the invoice. The company charged for their logo which we will not pay for.

  • She will look at reducing the price even further by taking away the extra letters and just keeping the WHHS Logo.

  • Best scenario would be to get price around $300-350 and split into 2 payments.

Other Items: 1. Props – 8 straps have been ordered to help with the back panels 2. Costumes – all have been fitted except for 2 guard and 2 marchers 3. Brian and Henry are searching for poles to help hold the top of the scaffolding steady 4. Senior Night and Sponsor Night – October 19th

  • Need a list of sponsors within a week

  • Can have 2 escorts

5. Band Homecoming Dance – big hit! We need to plan on doing another one after the marching band season next time. 6. Spirit Week – October 11 th Spaghetti Dinner (Wednesday)

  • Band will provide bake sale items

  • We can promote the band – Tracy would like to have the new uniform on the mannequin, competition schedule, trophies and concert band award to display with a flyer

Next Steps:

1. Concessions for JV/C-Team Football Game – September 28 th 2. Competitions on September 30 th , October 7 th , 14 th , 21 st , and 28 th 3. Wendy’s Spirit Night October 10 th from 5:30 – 8:30 4. Spirit Week Spaghetti Dinner October 11 th 5. Tipsy Taco Spirit Night on October 17 th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm 6. Senior and Sponsor Night on October 19 th at Football Game 7. Continue to procure donations and sponsorships 8. Sell Fruit through October 12 th 9. Next Board Meeting, October 24 th at 6:00 pm in the Chorus Room.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

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