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Board Meeting Minutes - August 22, 2017

Agenda 1. Concession 2. Fundraisers 3. Communications 4. Financials 5. Other Items 6. Discuss next steps

Carleen opened the meeting at 6:15 pm.

Concessions:  Concession stand is stocked and ready for Friday’s game.  The Coke order should be delivered Wednesday with the football concession order. Carleen will go by later Wednesday to confirm.  Kathryn will order the pizza and Tracy will pick it up around 6:30.  We have parent donations. Carleen and ShaeAnn will put them in the concession stand after tonight’s meeting.  Wanda will sell popcorn, fried oreos, and drinks outside the concession stand this year. She is planning on doing it for every home game. She will have a separate till.

Fundraisers:  Bake Sale/Car wash/Yard Sale – would like to schedule for September 23 rd (backup September 9 th ) in the school parking lot from 9am-1 pm.

o We can presell tickets for the car wash. Susan will look into creating one as soon as we get confirmation from school on date. o Custodians will need to unlock the water source o We will need to supply buckets (ShaeAnn has 4-6 green ones), hoses (ShaeAnn has 2), sponges (in closet), towels (Tracy) and dawn soap. o In case the band directors cannot be there, will it be okay to have another district employee that is also a parent (Natalie Hester or Laura Holley)? Susan will check.

 Wendy’s Profit Night – do not have total yet.

o Next one is scheduled for September 12 th from 5:30-8:30

 Pizza Inn has a new coordinator and said we could go ahead and schedule another fundraiser night. Kathryn will see if September 23 rd is available from 4-8:30pm (Back up is September 9 th ).

 Publix Cards – put on Facebook and website

o We can also hand them out at the football games and PTA Open House

 Fruit – Decided to use Indian River again this year

o Focus only on selling in September. The sale lasted too long last year. o Robyn will touch base with them to send the paperwork.

 Hand out at next parent meeting and have available for PTA Open House

o Kathryn will check with Danielle LaTourette to see if she can help input data again this year. Carleen’s mom can be back up. o We will provide incentives again

 Weekly prize for top seller (cinch sak)

 Bigger prize for Top Seller overall (Cookie Cake)

 Tracy will check to see if QT will donate $5 gift cards also

Communications:  Susan will be our contact person to relay information to and from WHHS administrators.  Information from WHHS administrators -

1. Volunteer list for Friday night’s game was turned into Reggie on Monday. Susan included all of the board members. Reggie advised that all volunteers cannot come and go. Susan will let him know that the only volunteers floating would be the board members to fill in positions as needed (flexibility) 2. The cheerleaders and student section will be moved closer to the band section. We will make parents aware of this change. Chaperones will need to ensure instruments stay safe. 3. We need to move our trailer behind the stadium score board. Susan will check with Reggie to find out where we can move it.

a. Needs to be in close proximity to our other storage bin b. Reggie can call Quentin to coordinate this move

4. All staff that are employed by the district will have access cards for the back door.

 Questions for WHHS administrators –

1. We still have custodians parking in front of our parent pick up lane. Susan will email Rick to remind him that this lane should not be blocked Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 2. We would like to have some tickets available for our sponsors. Susan will check with Reggie to see if we could get some discounted tickets for one game this season. 3. Our band members need to be able to go to the bathroom and drink plenty of water each day. Susan will check with Mr. Williams to see if these kids can have an exemption from the rules during band season since they are in training.


 We currently have $2,442.57 in our BB&T account. This is after paying for show shirts, screen printing, concession supplies, band camp supplies, compression shirts, and the storage unit.  We also collected a lot of money tonight from the lock box. This will be counted after tonight’s meeting and logged.  First Citizens account has $0 and the account is still open for now. Kathryn will close it after her tax meeting with the accountant in case she needs to provide reports or other documentation.

Other Items: 1. Props

a. Cart is done b. Henry is still working on making the front 16 panels foldable. He is trying out different corner joints. c. Shawn is working on the 8 back panels. We do not know the status. d. Circles are still a question mark?? e. The screen prints were ordered for the exact measurement of the print. Robyn will work on a solution to attach additional vinyl to the corners to make a pocket so they can be attached to frames.

2. Uniform

a. 6 have not paid b. Shoes and compression shirts have arrived

i. Robyn has them organized and will tape the member’s balance due to the box ii. Decided to wait on distributing until the marching uniforms come in to hand out together as a package with uniform bags iii. Shoes may need to be distributed a little earlier (week of first competition) so they can be broken in.

c. Show shirts should be in by Friday and will be worn for game

3. Sponsorship Requirements

a. Robyn would like to have Robin Broumas help her fulfill the sponsorship requirements (Facebook posts, signage, etc). b. We all agreed. c. Kathryn will send thank you notes to the sponsors who have donated so far. d. Student contributions - First payment of $100 is due August 31 st (raised or paid)

4. PTA Open House – August 28 th

a. Set up a table for parent information b. Fruit sales flyers and example of a box (Carleen has one) c. Sign up volunteers d. Give out Publix Cards e. Sell Car Wash tickets f. Tracy will make signs

5. Parent Meetings

a. Next one is September 5 th at 6:00.

i. Introduce Fruit Sales ii. We need to have a handout of upcoming events

1. Car Wash/Yard Sale/ Bake Sale – September 23 rd from 9-1 2. Pizza Inn – September 23 rd from 4-8:30 3. Wendy’s night – September 12 th from 5:30-8:30 4. First Competition – September 16 th 5. Thursday and Friday concession nights in September 6. Middle School Night – September 22 nd

b. October 3 rd Parent Meeting

i. Have Chrome Books to sign up volunteers for remaining vacancies ii. Remind about competitions each weekend iii. Collect remaining fruit orders

6. Middle School Night is September 22 nd . Tracy will work with AJ and Susan.

7. AJ wanted us to remind the parents the kids must have their water jugs and be dressed for practice. They need to eat a proper lunch on the days there is practice. Robyn will send out a special email reminder tonight after the meeting.

Next Steps: 1. Football Game – August 25 th . Email already sent for call time and schedule. 2. PTA Open House August 28 th 3. Parent Meeting is September 5 th @6pm in Chorus Room 4. Middle School Night September 22 nd 5. Continue to procure donations and sponsorships 6. Next Board Meeting, September 26 th at 6:00 pm in the Chorus Room.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

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