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Board Meeting Minutes - July 25, 2017

Agenda 1. Band Camp 2. Fundraisers 3. Other Items 4. Discuss next steps

Carleen opened the meeting at 6:00 pm. We had a few parent volunteers join us in this meeting; Kelly Green, Natalie Hester, Shawn Sperry and Anindita Roy.

Band Camp: Tracy is still working on getting donations for band camp kit:  Lanyards were donated by Michelin  Carleen picked up 62 Knee Pads  Tracy is getting the rest of the Water Bottles from Walmart  Tracy was able to get cooling towels donated as well

Mr. Pace handed out a complete comprehensive schedule for Band Camp.

Parents will use the fire lane to drop off and pick up their kids.

Shawn was able to get 2 big fans and one will be ours to keep. They can be stored in the concession stand overnight during band camp.

We have a total of 8 tents. All of the other donation slots for band camp supplies have been filled.

We also have an adult signed up for each shift. Tracey and Shawn will set up each morning

ShaeAnn will bring back the trailer and park it next to the POD by the football field so it can be used during band camp if needed.

Google docs has been set up. We will use chromebooks to check kids in and out.

End of Band Camp Celebration – Friday, August 11 th  Show parents the performance in the parking lot (Gym if raining) starting at 5pm  Dinner in cafeteria at 6pm – Moe’s  Pool Party from 6-8:30pm

We will have a parent meeting after the first day of band camp, August 31 st from 8-9pm.

Bring a dessert and socialize. Parents are welcome to come and watch the practices during band camp.

Fundraisers: Tracy has a friend that can come and offer advice on selling – key words and phrases to use when trying to get a sponsor.  Banners – decided on $300 level instead of $350 for sponsor banners to match the football team’s banners  Tipsy Taco – Shawn knows the owner and will check on a profit night  Car wash/yard sale – Tentatively set for September 9 th in the school parking lot  Yogurt Mountain Profit Night – a band member has a friend that works there and they are offering a profit night @ 20%. Carleen will contact Cassy Robinson @ 864-557- 8702 to schedule  Wendy’s - Carleen has contacted them and they are willing to have us continue with Profit Nights. We decided on August 15 th from 5:30-8:30 due to band camp. September, October, November and December will be the 2 nd Tuesday of the Month.  Fruit – ShaeAnn’s husband has a friend who owns Marvin’s Produce. He can check on cost of citrus cases, apples and pears to see if they would be a good alternative to Indian River Groves. We discussed the pros and cons of using a local produce supplier versus Indian River. Indian River takes care of all the paperwork, order fulfillment and shipping. We would have to do all of this administrative work ourselves if we went with a local company. We will review the fruit fundraiser information from last year and make a decision at a later meeting date.

Other Items: 1. Props - 16 screens in the front, 8 screens in the back and Circles in the field a. Tracy has a friend in Miami that can do screen printing. She will check on the prices b. Shawn is working on fixing the front screens c. The prop working group is figuring out the back screens

2. POD – decided on the 19 foot and will rent through November

3. Scaffolding a. Henry has information on a good option for $400 plus shipping b. Shawn also knows someone who builds scaffolding for a living. He will check on the price.

4. Compression shirt needs to be white instead of black

5. August 25 th is the first home football game. We will need determine when the coke order should be placed, clean and stock the concession stand.

Next Steps: 1. Band Camp 2. Procure donations for props, show shirts, scaffolding, semi-trailer 3. Next Board Meeting, August 29 th at 6:00 pm in the Band Room.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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