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Here are some reminders and information about band activities from the Band Boosters and A.J. Pace, Director of Bands.


July 31 - August 4, August 7 - 11

9 am - 1 pm, 5 pm - 9 pm

Check the website calendar anytime to see what's coming up. Go to


1. Get ready for Band Camp

It is VERY important that you begin to prepare your body for camp.

  • A major portion of these two weeks of rehearsal are spent outdoors and it will be very hot outside.

  • The activity of marching band is inherently very physical.

So now is the time to:

  • Evaluate your diet.

  • Increase your current amount of physical activity

  • Begin playing your instrument again.

2. Every Day Students Need to:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast.

  • Eat good protein. Avoid breakfasts that are heavy in sugar. Drink lots of water.

  • Wear tennis shoes and socks.

  • We will use chalk on the parking lot and field lining paint on the field. Your shoes may get chalk or paint on them, so wear shoes that you don't mind getting messy.

  • Wear lightweight clothing.

  • Again, it will be very hot outside. It is important you wear lightweight and light colored clothes.

3. Every Day Students Need to Bring:

  • Water Jug – At least a half-gallon container filled with water/gatorade. It will be refilled often throughout the day.

  • 3­-ring binder – (1.5” or more) with clear plastic sheet holders in it

  • Pencil

  • Sun Screen – Incredibly Important!

  • Sunglasses/Hat

  • Your Instrument!

  • Towel – for your neck or head

  • Any medications that you may need throughout the day with parent instructions

  • If you are staying at the school through the midday break:

  • Healthy Lunch – Something light but filling so you don't get overheated

  • Change of clothes if you'd like – it will be long, hot days and you don't want to be too offensive

  • Your Best Attitude Ever!!

4. Get in the remind group for band students

  • Email to or

  • Text @whhsmar to 81010


1. Do that Digital Paperwork

Please remember to set up your account and complete the band form as soon as possible. This official step helps us plan for the number of students and also sets up a way you can complete forms, make payments and view the account for your student(s).

To Date - 71% of parents have done this step. We need 100% before Band Camp!

To access the Membership Portal any time, visit the band website at and click the LOGIN link at the top - or go directly to the portal by visiting

Remember, band fee is due by August 4.

2. Put us on your calendar now!

We have many volunteer needs in a variety of areas, requiring varying levels of time commitment, and one or two or more are perfect for you!

Visit our page and go ahead and pick a few spots before your calendar gets too full.

3. Join us for a parent social!

Monday, July 31, 7:30 pm

On the first evening of band camp, come early to meet other band parents, ask any questions you may have, and watch rehearsal to see what they are working on. It will make it that much better when you see the final result 10 days later!

Remember, start talking to friends, family and local businesses to find sponsors for WHHS Band.

Funds raised will go toward the student's individual fundraising requirement while helping provide the money we need to purchase props and other early-season supplies.

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