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Board Meeting Minutes - July 11, 2017

Agenda 1. Fundraisers 2. Band Camp 3. Financials 4. Other Items 5. Discuss next steps

Carleen opened the meeting at 6:00 pm.

Fundraisers: Pizza Inn money - $559.41 We discussed dividing the money from the fundraisers to help the kids meet their fair share amount. After this discussion, we decided this cannot be done based on examples from other Booster Clubs.

We have started receiving money – Robyn will need to check the system to make sure it is capturing everything okay.

Band Camp:  Discussed our availability to help  Auditorium  Added Additional items to Sign Ups – Granola Bars, Cliffs Bars, and Squeezable Applesauce  Kids will need to bring their lunch if they are staying between 1-4pm  Need more tents – 10 and large fans/misters  Sign-out Google Form if kids are leaving

o Name Phone Where Going? Who with?

Email to parents to remind of hydrating, eating and exercise

End of Band Camp Celebration – Friday, August 11 th from 7-8:30 pm  Show parents the performance in the parking lot (Gym if raining) starting at 6pm  Dinner in cafeteria – Moe’s and everyone will pay $5.00 o We can use Sign Ups for people to bring additional items  Pool Party from 8-10pm – Carleen is contacting the pool

Financials:  Refunded a parent

 $2483.35 in account  Tax check – need to meet with Sue  $5000 for staff is needed by September 1 st which is in 3 months (1666.67 per month)

Other Items: 1. Carleen will be a price for renting a POD storage unit for football field

2. Spirit Wear – add mug a. 20 ounces – 1 side = $20, 2 sides = $25 b. 30 ounces – 1 side = $35, 2 sides = $30

3. Trucks a. We will need more drivers for 2 trucks b. Possibility of using UHaul instead of Penske c. Start saving now

4. Guard a. Tracey will measure for uniforms on July 28 th b. Need to order guard stuff soon

5. Meetings – want to change meetings to Mondays. Carleen will send the dates to everyone.

Next Steps: 1. Procure donations for Band Camp, props, show shirts, scaffolding, semi-trailer 2. Finalize Band Camp planning – volunteers, donations, etc 3. Next Board Meeting, July 25 th h at 6:00 pm in the Band Room.

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