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Boosters Meeting Minutes - April 4, 2017


1. Board Nominations

2. Spring Activities

3. Next Year

4. Q & A

5. Discuss next steps

Meeting began at 7:00 pm

Robyn welcomed the parents to the Band Booster Meeting.

Start thinking about booster board nominations for 2017-2018 school year. We will remind everyone

and hold a meeting next month for nominations and election. The nominee cannot be a Greenville

County School employee due to conflict of interest. Updated board roles and additional parent coordinators

Robyn showed the group the new car magnets with the WHHS Marching Generals logo. They are $10 each. We will have them available for purchase at the spring events. If we sell all of them, then that would bring in over $1500.00.

Spring Activities:

 Spring Clinic is on May 6 th from 9-5 pm. There will be a parent meeting from 4-5pm. Prom is

also this day and Mr. Pace asked the students to let him know in advance if they have a conflict.

 Spring Banquet will be at WHHS cafeteria and auditorium. We are still confirming the date but it

will either be May 2 nd or May 4 th . It will be catered this year and we will be selling tickets for a

small fee.

We are officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All of the paperwork has been filed and we are

official. We have an official letter to give to companies for donations.

Next Year:

 We have started the budget discussions for next year. It will be larger than last year because we

have more students. Last count was 79 but there are still more registered for the class that have

not signed up online.

 WHHS is offering a color guard, band, and percussion class next year. Right now there are only 9

color guard registered for the class. Mr. Pace needs at least 15 students registered, otherwise

the class will be dropped. We have 12 color guard members signed up online but would love to

have at least 20 participate next year.

 Goal is to have at least 100 students at band camp for next year’s marching band. All of the

district money would double, giving Mr. Pace extra money for travel expenses, instruction, and


 We are still working out the band fee for next year.

 We are working on getting a semi-trailer, preferably a low riding trailer. Otherwise, we will need

to rent 2 moving trucks due to increase in students and equipment. Gayle’s husband has a CDL

so she will ask him about driving if we get the trailer.

 We need more brass instruments. Mr. Pace will forward grant information as it is available.

There are several people that can help write grants for instruments. We did purchase a new

drum line for next year.

 The students will be practicing on the parking lot next year as opposed to the area at the athletic

complex. They will not be on the asphalt during the hottest part of the day and we will provide

them with plenty of water.

 No Monday practice next year except for maybe a section at a time. We will have practice on

the stadium field occasionally on Friday when there are away football games.


 Fundraisers for next year? Not set yet, but we will continue to do concessions for football

games and possibly spirit night. We are always looking for sponsors. If we can get a trailer then

we can sell sponsor space.

o Suggestion: Look at Bon Secours Wellness Arena to help during events. Can earn good

money. Fluor Field also but money is not as much as The Well.

o Pizza Inn is also a possibility. Kids work as servers and earn all tips for night. Mutts

offers the same deal.

 What about taking color guard to feeders schools to showcase what they do? Mr. Pace advised

that we have taken several them several times to Sevier and the Winter Guard actually practiced

at League. We have recruited several of the dance students.

o CTC has an Arts showcase on April 28 th . We can take some of them to this event. Tracy

will find out more information.

Next Steps:

1. Next meeting is Saturday, May 6, 2016 from 4-5 pm, Location: TBD

2. Spring Clinic May 6 th from 9-5.

3. Spring Banquet – Details to come

4. Sign up for next year!!

5. Think about Booster Board Nominations and cast a vote

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

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