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Board Meeting Minutes - January 24, 2017


1. Competitions

2. Winter Activities

3. Spring Events

4. Next Year

5. Discuss next steps


Winter guard and NG Indoor competition is Saturday, January 28 th . Schedule was communicated in weekly email message today. Boosters do not need to provide water this weekend.

Winter Guard will not need tarp after Thursday night so Quentin Cavanagh can come pick it up after

practice and deliver it with the props to Dorman High School at 8:30 am Saturday.

Winter Activities:

Mr. Pace needs one check written to cover two children for Regional SCBDA. He will get their money

and pay back the Boosters.

All Winter Guard dues have been paid and no more money is needed for competition fees.

Spring Events:

CWEA Championship is on March 25 th and Drum Line competition is on March 26 th in Rock Hill at

Winthrop. Mr. Pace may need chaperones. SC Day of Percussion is also on March 25 th in Lexington for the Percussion Class. Mr. Pace is still deciding which one to attend and will let us know.

Mr. Pace does not have a date for the Spring Clinic yet. Carleen brought up an idea to incorporate team building activities into some of the spring and summer events so the kids can get to know each other.

We will come up with some ideas at a later meeting.

Next Year:

Mr. Pace wants to sit down and look over the budget. He wants to compare the projected budget to

what was actually spent and make adjustments accordingly for next year. We will schedule an extra

long Booster meeting next month.

Mr. Pace wants the Boosters to purchase the Colorguard costumes so we can resell them at the end of the year.

We also need to discuss the possibility of requiring the marching band members next year to pay a “fair share” fee (~$300) plus their band fee ($100) broken up into payments. This will help cover costs of transportation, food, competitions, instruments, etc. We need to make sure that this fee would not put the Boosters over the $50,000 income level.

Robyn suggested using the leftover Walmart Gift Card money to purchase extra one gallon water jugs to have on hand for the kids that do not bring them to Band Camp this summer. We all agreed that would be a good idea.

Robyn also suggested to have Mr. Willy upgrade our logo to a better format and quality more conducive for different mediums. Mr. Pace will contact him.

Robyn suggested to have an athletic trainer talk to the band kids early at Band Camp about water and hydration, stretching, nutrition, etc. She knows a medical student that would be willing to talk to the kids.

The Fine Arts Center will not be taking over the field next to the school next year. We need to see about using this field. This will need to be discussed in a meeting with Mr. Williams.

We decided to set up a meeting with Mr. Williams soon to discuss this topic and get a feel for what resources would be available for next year and update him on the status of our Booster Club.


Next Board Meeting will be the end of February and will be a longer meeting to go over the budget. We also need to discuss some issues for next year, such as semi-trailer, Teacher Assistant salary, generator?, spring schedule.

We will need to schedule the meeting with Mr. Williams at the beginning of February in order to answer some of these questions before we meet again with Mr. Pace about next year’s budget.

Quentin Cavanagh is officially the Point of Contact for the Booster Club for the Non-Profit Organization.

The By Laws need to be changed once the non-profit paperwork is finalized. We will hold a parent

meeting to vote on accepting the changes.

Next Steps:

1. Dorman Competition this Saturday

2. Mr. Williams Meeting

3. Mr. Pace to contact Mr. Willy

4. Next Meeting, February 28 th at 6:30 in the Band Room. Bring dinner and notebooks.

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