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Board Meeting Minutes - November 29, 2016


1. Wendy’s Non-Profit Night

2. Fruit Sales Fundraiser

3. Christmas Party

4. Name Change

5. Parade

6. Winter Guard

7. Concert

8. Discuss next steps


Carleen’s contact does not work for Wendy’s anymore, but he provided her with a new contact person. She will connect with them so we can confirm December 14 th for the next profit night.

Mr. Pace added that Pizza Inn could be a better opportunity. The kids have to work but they would keep all of the tips for the night and a percentage of all the bills. Customers do not have to state they are with WHHS Band. We discussed doing a test run with the Pep Band at the end of their season since they did not have to pay any dues or money to participate.

Fruit Sales:

Fruit will be delivered on Friday, December 2 nd in the afternoon. Volunteers should arrive between 2-4pm depending on when it arrives. Parents will be able to pick it up Friday Night. Robyn will send out a communication as soon as we know the times.

Christmas Party:

Carleen discussed the options for the Band Christmas Party. Based on all of the feedback, the best

option would be to have it at Fuddruckers and rent the back room. Carleen will call and see when it is available but we will plan for Monday, December 19 th at 6:30pm. She will also see if we can get a price break on a meal as well since we will be bringing a lot of business.

Name Change:

We agreed on two possible names for our booster organization:

1. Generals Band Boosters

2. Boosters for WH Generals Band

We will still keep the dba as WHHS Bands. Kathryn will check with Sue and confirm these names are

okay before submitting through the Booster Parent Organization. We agreed to only change the name on legal documents; Bank Account, Tax Forms. All other items are okay since we are still using the dba name.

Kathryn recommended changing the bank account over the Christmas Holiday break since all of the

accounts will be caught up and no money will be going out. We agreed and discussed changing banks to BB&T since it will work better with QuickBooks.


Parade is Saturday, December 3 rd . Call time is 1pm. Band will go to Greenville High School to practice and line up for parade at 3pm.

Robyn will be at the school by 1pm to fill coolers, squirt bottles and get snacks. Quentin will also be at the school by 1pm to load trailer and pull it to Greenville High School. Robyn and ShaeAnn will march with the band during the parade and pull the black cart for water and be available in case a band member passes out.

Winter Guard:

Tarp still needs to be constructed and painted. The leadership team needs to be available Monday,

December 5 th or Tuesday, December 6 th to construct the tarp. We cannot use Donaldson Center to paint the tarp this year because they are booked. Carleen will look into using a facility at Brookwood Community Church. ShaeAnn advised that the Downtown Airport may have a hangar we can use.


Winter Band Concert is next Friday, December 9 th at 7pm. The Board members need to be available to hand out programs, take donations, and discuss band opportunities with the parents. We will also display a short video of this year’s competition if available.

Instead of holding a parent meeting on December 6 th , we will use the time available in between set

changes at the concert to address the parents.

Regular parent and board meetings will resume in January. We are also discussing only holding one

meeting a month where the board meets for 30 minutes to 1 hour before the parent meeting.

Next Steps:

1. Name Change – Kathryn

2. Fruit Delivery December 2 nd

3. Christmas Parade December 3 rd

4. Tarp construction December 5 th or 6 th

5. Concert December 9 th with parent meeting

6. Wendy’s Profit Night December 14 th

7. Christmas Party December 19 th

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