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WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS - November 28, 2016

First game for Pep Band - Tuesday, November 29

  • Call time is 4:30 pm

  • ​Will wear the red sweatshirts that were ordered for parade

  • ​Start pregame performance at 5:30 pm, first game starts at 6 pm, then play in between the girls and guys games.

  • Pack up during the guys game (students can stay and watch if they want)​

Parade rehearsal - Thursday, December 1

  • Just one after school rehearsal, 4 - 6:30 pm

  • Color Guard is not required to be there

  • two guard members are needed to carry the banner

  • the rest will smile and wave in the parade (if they want to go)

  • All band class and percussion class students are required to attend both rehearsal and parade

Parade​ - Saturday, December 3

  • Call time is 1 pm

  • Sweatshirts have been ordered for everyone - please get your $4 to Mr. Pace by Friday. ​​

Fruit Order Change

From Florida Indian River Groves:"Due to the effects of Hurricane Matthew, our Tangelos are in short supply. As a result we have been forced to make a substitution in your fruit order. When your fruit arrives, Mandarins will be substituted for Tangelos. "Please alert those you've sold to so they understand and expect the change.

Fruit Delivery Day - Volunteers Needed! The fruit is expected to be delivered on Friday, December 2 in the afternoon. (As soon as we know exact times, we will communicate that to all.)

  • It is our responsibility to unload the fruit from the truck.

  • We will separate the fruit into stacks by student seller.

  • As soon as possible, the students should take the fruit they sold to the people who bought it.

We will need as many volunteers as possible to unload and separate the fruit. As always, the more we have helping, the faster the work will go! Click this link to access the SignUp:

Remember, you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.

Additional concert rehearsals

percussion section rehearsal on Wednesday, December 7, 4-6 pm concert band rehearsal on Thursday, December 8, 4-6:30 pm Concert Band Performance - Friday, December 9th

Winter Guard

Congratulations to the new members of WHHS Winter Guard. Rehearsals continue Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. A location has been secured for Winter Guard practice - big thanks to League Academy for giving us room.

NEW WEBSITE! We are always trying to improve our communications, and the latest effort is a new website through Wix. On this site, you'll be able to see the full calendar, find the weekly email messages in case you missed them, see meeting minutes, and find answers to FAQs. Bookmark it on your computer and mobile - totally mobile-friendly!

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