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Fellow band parents,

I'm sure you join me in being proud of our Marching Generals in their second place finish at their first competition of the year. With more than half new marchers, for most of them this was the first competition ever! What a great start, and a great encouragement for them to continue working hard and improving.

I wanted to share some information with you from a returning parent perspective which may be new information or may just be reminders:

Dealing with heat, sun and outside factors

Thanks to one of the hottest Septembers I can recall, we are regularly seeing issues with heat among the kids. I'm sure we'd all vote for turning off the summer weather if we could, and so far it looks promising for the upcoming weekend, but even if it cools down a bit, we still have to do everything we can do to prepare them for the stress on their bodies. They really are band-athletes, and we should think of this as their "season."

  • Make them drink water everyday - not just on performance days.

  • I have a teenager too, and I know this is sometimes impossible, but please try every day.

  • Maintaining hydration all the time is going to make it easier for them to get and stay hydrated when they have to be in the crazy heat in heavy uniforms.

  • Make them eat healthy foods, not just fast food or junk food, especially on performance day, but in the days before too.

  • That means a healthy, not heavy, breakfast AND lunch on competition days. (If you can't make them a healthy lunch, there's always the option of a Zaxby's salad with chicken - good protein, filling greens, and vegetables - or even McDonalds grilled chicken, just skip the fries.)

  • And you can't just start eating good that day. A heavy greasy meal on Friday night will still have effects on Saturday morning

Your child's biggest cheerleader

Our teenagers probably deny this fact, but I believe our kids know their families are their biggest cheerleaders. Most of us are quick to give a hug or pat on the back for achievements at school, but band is an activity we can actually be there for and cheer them on. Here are some suggestions for being part of this special group known as the "band parents."

  • Come to the competitions I'd love to see more of you come to the competitions to see them in action and to let them hear and feel the support. Most of the competition sites have their information on the web, but if you need directions or other info, email You could even carpool or caravan with other parents.

  • Sit with other WHHS band parents in the stands and make some noise!! We try to get someone who will be in the stands to literally wave the flag - a white Wade Hampton flag on a long stick - so look for the flag.

  • Wear your WHHS band gear The order form is still on the website if you haven't ordered it yet. We'll send in another order to make sure we get it in time for Upper State. If you don't have anything with our logo, wear anything Wade Hampton, or wear red. Make a big home made sign. Bring pompoms.

  • Give a "shout out" Most if not all the competitions have a table near the entrance where you can fill out a message that will be read on the loudspeaker right as the band is entering the field. The kids love to hear their names, but even if they miss it in the chaos of entering the field, they can hear it on the video afterwards.

  • Like the Facebook page We post pics and videos after each competition and you can share the posts all you want to your friends and family. They can also like the page, of course. Great way for grandparents to keep up!

  • Volunteer! Serving as a chaperone or crew for a competition will show you up-close the work that all the kids are putting into this. For me, it just makes me more proud of all of them.

​Thanks for all you do. See you around and GO BAND! Robyn Wilcox Proud Band Parent Communications Manager, Band Boosters

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