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WEEKLY REMINDERS September 13, 2016

Here are some reminders and information about this week's activities from the Band Boosters and A.J. Pace, Director of Bands.Wow! What an awesome week for our Wade Hampton Marching Band! We had two great days of rehearsal, a very energetic pep rally performance, performed a large number of songs at the game on Friday, and had a much improved half time performance! Our students are working very hard, and are really on to something special. We have a very important week ahead of us this week. On Saturday, we have our first public performance at a marching band festival. This week will be an action packed week of rehearsals and will end with a Greenville County Exhibition at Mauldin High School featuring all 14 Greenville County High Schools.

​Exhibition this Saturday

  • band wear (when you report in the afternoon, not for practice) black socks, black t-shirts and some kind of shorts (thinner athletic shorts are best) to wear under your full uniform and after performing

  • ​anyone wearing a shako (hat) should be prepared to put long hair up under the shako

  • front ensemble should wear long hair in a braid or low ponytail

  • guard will also wear uniforms, so wear appropriate undergarments :)

  • Schedule for this Saturday, September 17th:

7:45 AM – Report to WHHS band room (eat a good breakfast before you arrive) 8:00 AM – Rehearsal in Stadium 10:30 AM – Run Through (parents are more than welcome to come watch!) 10:45 AM – End rehearsal and load truck (all students participate) 11:30 AM – Dismissal – Students go home and eat lunch and shower/change 1:30 PM – Arrive at band room (wearing black socks, black t-shirt) and change into performance attire 2:00 PM – Depart WHHS 2:30 PM – Arrive at Mauldin High School and unload 3:00 PM – Warm-up for the show 4:20 PM – Arrive at Gate 4:30 PM – Perform and rock the house! 5:00 PM – Load truck 5:30 PM – Dinner 7:00 PM – In the stands watching the last few groups 8:40 PM – Mass Band Performance (all 14 high schools combined) 9:00 PM – Depart Mauldin High School 9:30 PM – Arrive at WHHS and unload truck/clean 10:00 PM – Dismiss to cars in fire lane pick up area (please remember)

A NOTE FOR OUR MANY NEW PARENTS The culture of marching band contests produce wonderful, supportive environments for our students. We would love to have your support for our awesome band at all of our contests/performances. Traditionally, band parents wear school colors, sit together in the stands, and cheer on everyone's band (and be especially loud for our own)! Our band consists almost entirely of new students this year, and they have worked incredibly hard this season. Please come and show your support for our awesome group of students this Saturday and help us show the South Carolina marching band community that Wade Hampton is an incredibly talented ensemble that harbors an artistic and creative environment!


Thank you to all of you who have already volunteered to help with various roles. So far, 24 of 82 parents on our roster (29%) have signed up for at least one spot.

If everyone volunteers a little time, no one will have to do it all. We still need volunteers to sign up for shifts in all volunteer areas,including many spots for this weekend's festival performance! We're using SignUp (the leading online Sign Up and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming volunteer needs. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click the link below to see our SignUps:

  2. Review the SignUps listed and choose the one(s) you like.

  3. Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.

Note: does not share your email address with anyone. Remember, we can't do it without you!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE Thank you for your help getting your student's fundraising commitment completed. The majority have turned in their raised money, but if you still have any coming in, please place in the red box in the band room. BAND FRUIT SALE

  • Sale dates: September 1 - November 7

  • ONLINE ORDERS for December pickup at

  • Encourage DIRECT SHIP online orders for earlier delivery

  • Check orders should be placed in this envelope and checks made to WHHS Band Boosters.

NEW BAND PICK UP PROCEDURE Remember, for all practice, games and competitions, all band pick up will be through the fire lane at the side of the school. Enter the main entrance to the school and follow the lane to the right of the building - see map here. When you arrive, please pull in as far as you can and keep to the left side (so students aren't crossing in front of cars that may pass). This plan was prescribed by the school administration, so we appreciate your continued patience with this new plan.


​WATER NEEDED! We need 150 bottles of water for each game and 120 for each competition. For 6 games and 6 competitions, that is 1632 bottles of water! Please pick up a case and send it in to the band room.

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