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WEEKLY REMINDERS August 16, 2016

Here are some reminders and information about this week's activities from the Band Boosters and A.J. Pace, Director of Bands. We hope everyone had a good first day of school. As band students and band parents, it always seems like we've been "back" for weeks already, but now it's official.

​ARE YOUR KIDS IN DANGER? While these students aren't classified as athletes, we know they face many of the same demands. We've already had several reminders this week that it is still very hot during practice, and we absolutely cannot have students coming to practice without eating healthy food and drinking lots of water - all day, not just at 4 o'clock. If they aren't eating anything but junk all day and/or drinking little or no water, they will be more likely to throw up or pass out at practice, which can result in embarrassment, discomfort or even injury! Please make sure your student is not in danger! All the same rules from band camp still apply:

  • Eat healthy - you can't do band on an empty or poorly fed stomach.

  • Eat good protein. Avoid foods that are heavy in sugar.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Wear tennis shoes and socks.

  • Wear lightweight clothing.

WATER - ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED! A 20 oz water bottle is NOT ACCEPTABLE for 3+ hours in the sun and heat.Please make sure your student brings a personal water cooler with them to every practice. WalMart has the one-gallon Coleman water cooler for $10.58, but any gallon size will work. Students have access to lockers in the band room where they can store their cooler and have it for every rehearsal. Our large 5 gallon water coolers are taken to the field, but those are intended for back-up to your personal water, not a replacement. As you know, the school, and water to refill the large coolers, are a LONG way from the rehearsal field.

FUNDRAISING UPDATE We've told you about the two main fundraising efforts for this Fall - the individual fundraising and upcoming band fruit. We are making some progress, but we still only have 10 out of 60 students who have turned in at least $50 in donations raised. In order to have planned props on the field, to continue to pay the instructors that help Mr. Pace everyday, to pay for transportation to get the equipment to competitions and more, we need all students to complete their fundraising. Donations should be made by September 1. FUNDRAISING HELP If any parents have fundraising experience and are comfortable asking for donations, we could use your help too! We need a fundraising chairperson to help us secure money as well as the materials to build our props. If you can help, please email today!

PARENT VOLUNTEERS Thank you to all of you who have completed the volunteer interest form. This week, you will start to get emails for the specific areas you've indicated with a link to "Sign Up" pages, where you'll pick the actual shift you can work. Thank you in advance for getting that completed quickly so we can determine any holes in the schedule. If you haven't yet completed your parent volunteer form, we really need that soon so we know where you can help. We can't do it without you!

BAND SHOES If you are getting new shoes and have not paid for them yet, please make sure you get that money in - $32 made to WHHS Band Boosters. Money can be put in the "red box" in the band room/Mr. Pace's office using the envelopes in the front to indicate who/what for.

THINK OF BAND WHILE YOU SHOP Do you shop at Sam's, Costco, or Walmart? We have several items we need in larger quantities for concessions, and if each band family picked up one item on their next shopping trip, we could turn each into a larger profit for the band. Please visit this Sign Up link to select an item from the list.

Specific Donation needs:

- Cases of bottled water - Gatorade mix - First aid supplies

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