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Here are some reminders and information about this week's activities from the Band Boosters and A.J. Pace, Director of Bands.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? For band boosters, football season not only means supporting our kids at the games. It also means working the visitors' side concessions at the Thursday and Friday night home games, which is an important fundraiser for the band.

  • If you've already volunteered for concessions and other game night help, you'll get an email about scheduling.

  • If you haven't yet completed your parent volunteer form, we really need that soon so we know where you can help. We can't do it without you!

Parent volunteer form

THINK OF BAND WHILE YOU SHOP Do you shop at Sam's, Costco, or Walmart? We have several items we need in larger quantities for concessions, and if each band family picked up one item on their next shopping trip, we could turn each into a larger profit for the band. Please visit this Sign Up link to select an item from the list. BAND SHOES If band members or color guard have the non-shiny shoes from last year, and they still fit, they will be fine for this year. For all new band or guard or anyone needing a new size, the shoe company will be coming to fit and take orders during practice on Monday, August 15. Please come a little early that day if possible to get measured. The cost of shoes is $32 and should be paid to WHHS Band Boosters. BAND CALENDAR Inform Mr. Pace in advance of any possible unavoidable absences to be considered as excused. All band rehearsals, games and competitions are on the calendar under Events on Member Planet. As you saw in the Handbook, you are expected to be at all of these.

View the full calendar of events

COMPLETE YOUR STUDENT INFO FORM & AGREEMENT As you've been hearing, instead of sending you home with a bunch of paper to keep up with, and to save some trees and money, we are using an electronic forms this year. If you haven't completed at least these, please do as soon as possible.

  • the Student Information Form

  • the Band Handbook Agreement Form

FUNDRAISING FOR A BETTER BAND! We will be focusing more on our fundraising for the season in the coming weeks. We have two large fundraisers that the students and parents MUST participate in.

  • As outlined in the student packet, each student is required to raise at least $50 in donations - can be multiple small donations or one or two large ones. Encourage donations through the link below:

WHHS 2016 Fundraising

  • Each student is required to participate in our band fruit fundraiser. Information about the fruit fundraiser will be released soon. With full participation, this fundraiser could bring in a great deal of money for the WHHS Band!

Donation needs:

- 3-step stepladder - Metal cash box - Cases of bottled water - Gatorade mix

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