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Here are some reminders about this week's activities from A.J. Pace, Director of Bands.

$100 band fee should be turned in by the end of this week!

  • this is a hard deadline because we have to order the uniforms with enough time to get them for competitions

  • this is separate from any donations or sponsorships

  • make checks to Wade Hampton High School and give to Mr. Pace

Eat, sleep and be better!

Some of you are struggling with the heat and exertion. Please remember:

  • Eat breakfast! Make it healthy (good protein) not heavy (sugars and empty calories).

  • Sleep! You should be tired. Listen to your body and put down the phone so you can get the sleep you need.

  • Drink water! Before, during and after the heat. Then drink some more. And no coke.

Band shoes

If you have your non-shiny shoes from last year, and they still fit, they will be fine for this year. For everyone else, the shoe company will be coming to fit and take orders during the second week of band camp. The cost of shoes is $35.

Student Packet Parents, if you haven't completed your student's packet yet, please complete at least the first two forms this week so we have your important info.

End of camp celebration

On Friday, August 5, we want to invite parents to come for a special preview of WHHS Marching Band 2016. We'll perform what we've learned so far, then enjoy a BBQ dinner together. Band members will eat free, and everyone else will pay $5 per plate for BBQ, 2 sides, drink and dessert. We are asking that everyone RSVP (and preferably pay in advance) through the website.

Pool Party! After dinner, band members (only) are invited for a POOL PARTY from 8 to 10 pm at Wade Hampton Gardens Pool (across from the student parking lot). Pick up time is 10 pm...

If you haven't joined our MemberPlanet group yet, please complete your membership so you won't miss any important information. Donation needs:- 3-step stepladder - Bottled water to share - Gatorade mix - Healthy snacks in bulk

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