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Here are some reminders about this week's activities from A.J. Pace, Director of Bands.

Hello Parents and Students!

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer! I trust you are rested and ready for our 2016 marching band season, which begins in ONE WEEK!!!

This e­mail contains vital information for our upcoming band camp. You will find a list of items that you need to secure before the beginning of band camp, as well as some information on events to come. Band Camp Dates: July 25­-29 – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM August 1­-5 – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • A major portion of these two weeks of rehearsal are spent outdoors.

  • It will be very hot outside.

  • The activity of marching band is inherently very physical.

It is VERY important that you begin to prepare your body for camp.

  • Evaluate your diet.

  • Increase your current amount of physical activity

  • Begin playing your instrument again.

Every Student Needs to:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast.

  • Eat good protein. Avoid breakfasts that are heavy in sugar. Drink lots of water and juice.

  • Wear tennis shoes and socks.

  • We use field lining paint on a regular basis. Your shoes may get paint on them, so wear shoes that you don't mind getting paint on.

  • Wear lightweight clothing.

  • Again, it will be very hot outside. It is important you wear lightweight and light colored clothes.

Every Student Needs to Bring:

  • Water Jug – At least a One Gallon container filled with water/gatorade. It will be refilled often throughout the day.

  • 3­-ring binder – (1.5” or more) with clear plastic sheet holders in it

  • Pencil

  • Healthy Lunch – Something light but filling so you don't get overheated

  • Sun Screen – Incredibly Important!

  • Sunglasses/Hat

  • Your Instrument!

  • Towel – for your neck or head

  • Change of clothes if you'd like – it will be long, hot days and you don't want to be too offensive

  • Any medications that you may need throughout the day with parent instructions

  • Your Best Attitude Ever!!


On Saturday, June 23rd, at 9 am, we need some students (and parents) to volunteer for a band prep day, when we will line the new practice field, organize the renovated band room, and generally get everything ready for the first day of camp.


If you haven't already set up your free account on the member planet site for WHHS Band Boosters, please do so to make sure you get all our communications.

$100 BAND FEE must be turned in by the end of the first week!

  • this is a hard deadline because we have to order the uniforms with enough time to get them for competitions

STUDENT INFO PACKET ­ if you haven't completed your student's packet, please do

that as soon as possible so we have your student's information.

PLEASE SEND the following for the group (as much as you are able):

  • water bottles ­ they will be needed throughout the season

  • snacks ­ fruits like watermelon, grapes, apples, etc, granola bars, and other items with minimal sugar

  • gatorade powder

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