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Board Meeting Minutes - July 12, 2016

Meeting Date: : July 12, 2016 @ 6pm

Attended Invited √ Michelle Brower √ Carleen Smith √ Terri McMorrow √ ShaeAnn Cavanagh √ Robyn Wilcox Optional: √ AJ Pace Agenda: 1. Financial Status 2. Band Camp and Welcome Back Celebration 3. Summer Fundraisers and donations 4. Discuss next steps Terri reconciled the balance sheet and conducted a full audit of last year’s books. Everything has been balanced to the penny and has been input into Quicken Tool. As of today we have $2,386.63 in checking account. Terri will reach out to Lisa to help with the 501(3)(c) non-profit paperwork. Robyn donated the $48.00 for MemberPlanet membership. Pool Party after Band Camp has been confirmed for August 5th from 8-10 pm. Carleen contacted Bucky’s BBQ for cost of dinner. 120 people = $285 for BBQ, $90/side → $3.88/person.

  • Pool Party - $110 ($50 deposit and $60 for lifeguards)

Band Camp:

  • $100 band fee is due by the end of the first week (July 29th)

  • MemberPlanet sign up handout to be given out to parents dropping off and picking up kids.

  • Welcome meeting with summary of information on the last day (Aug 5th).

  • August 5th – Last day of Band Camp Plan – Parent performance on the field or in stadium first, parent meeting right after, dinner, then pool party.

  • Tents will be set up outside the storage building behind the softball field.

  • ShaeAnn has 2 tents and there is one white tent in the band closet.

  • Board will meet several evenings during band camp to clean out and organize the closet.

Robyn discussed MemberPlanet:

  • 105 parents in membership – 51 joined

  • Only have a few without an email

  • Leadership/Board email for parent packet review

  • Donation and sponsorship pages are linked to PayPal.


  • Terri contacted Costco.They determine donation status at the end of the month and will get back to us.

  • 1st home game is September 2nd.

  • Carleen also discussed with Bucky’s BBQ for home games.They will continue the discussion and work out a deal.

  • Quentin and ShaeAnn will be available for every home game but will need someone to be there a little early to help set up.

  • Quentin will help create an order/inventory form

  • Terri and Michelle will be responsible for ordering the food and consession supplies.

  • We agreed they need to get debit cards to facilitate this process.

Michelle discussed Zaxby’s

  • She is still trying to contact them.Manager has odd hours.

  • Robyn said she will be available to talk to manager if needed.

Parent Communication from Mr. Pace:

  • Needs for Band Camp – Sunscreen, light weight clothes, 1 gallon water jug, plastic sheets, 3 ring binder, healthy lunch (closed campus), eat breakfast

  • Money - $100 due by end of first week, $5.00/plate for dinner and money for shoes

  • Student Leaders – Needed July 23rd to line the field and organize band room

  • Needs a sprayer and diesel fuel – ShaeAnn said she would check on the sprayer.

  • Kathy Pickens will be at the 2nd week of band camp to measure kids for shoes


  • Plan to rent a truck and not use the trailer except for parades

  • Screen printed shirts for winds and percussion instead of plain Under Armor shirt.

  • Need to size them during band camp

  • Robyn, ShaeAnn, and Carleen can come at 5pm and Michelle will come at 4 pm on July 25th to start sizing.

  • Bibbers will also need to be washed, organized and sized.

  • Robyn and Michelle will come in early afternoon on July 29th to start sizing.

  • Divide them up and take home today to wash and organize so we can determine how many are needed.

  • Scaffolding – There is a high school in Charleston that has scaffolding we can borrow.We determined it would be more cost effective to purchase our own.

  • Home Depot has it for $169.00.Michelle, ShaeAnn, and Terri will go get it this Saturday.

Status of the Props:

  • Robyn will check Ace Hardware for donations

  • Michelle and ShaeAnn will check with Home Depot

  • Carleen will check with Lowes

Next Steps: Terri - follow up with Lisa on 501(3)(c) Michelle - email Zaxby’s Carleen - confirm Bucky’s BBQ Robyn - send out welcome packet Donations for props Michelle and ShaeAnn will get scaffolding Next meeting is Tuesday,August 9, 2016 at 6:00pm, Location TBD

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