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Board Meeting Minutes - June 16, 2016

Meeting Date: June 16, 2016 @ 6pm

Attended Invited √ Michelle Brower √ Carleen Smith √ Terri McMorrow X ShaeAnn Cavanagh √ Robyn Wilcox √ Lisa Parrish Optional: √ AJ Pace

Handover of finances were discussed. Book Handover will be Friday, June 17th at 3 pm. We will go to the first level of MemberPlanet which will cost $48.00 but gives us more functionality. Pool Party after Band Camp has been confirmed for August 5th from 8-10 pm. Carleen will work on the cost of Bucky’s BBQ dinner. Status of the Props: Had to scale back slightly – Cost was $8000 Need scaffolding so Mr. Pace can be elevated Found a reasonable one for $169.00 Getting the wood – Look to see what discount Home Depot can offer (Pleasantburg Dr store – Brian Patrick) Need castors Going from 8 panels to 5 Truck liability insurance expires July 1st. Teri will work to get it renewed. Teri asked Lisa about any electronic files she can pass on. Lisa will send them to Teri. Lisa will also print the transaction forms and pass them to Teri. Michelle discussed Zaxby’s She will send an email to set up profit share dates this summer Goal is to have one profit share per month to use as a starter fund for concessions 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of each monthWelcome Packet: Robyn needs to send out the parent packet Discussed the different donation levels and how the donation request will go to parents Names would be listed on the sponsor page at concerts Discussed how the donation form and link will work We can notate which child the donation is in honor of Need donations by September 1st Fruit Sales: Start whenever we want and delivers the week before or after Thanksgiving Concessions: Will get concession list and check with Costco for donations Next Steps: 1.Terri - follow up with Lisa on financial information 2.Michelle - email Zaxby’s 3.Carleen - contact Bucky’s BBQ for welcome back dinner and concession prices 4.Robyn - send out welcome packet

Next meeting is Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 6:00pm, Location Band Room

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